The vast majority of posion dreams are not literal. Most people would not know how to get hold of poison nowadays. Poison dreams generally link to "poisonous relationships" or "poisonous people" or "poisonous situations." Poison in a dream may represent a relationship which has been totally poisoned. Is there a lot of tension a work? Has someone been nagging and annoying you at home? Has someone said something against you which has turned everyone against you? Did you do something which has really spoiled things for good? Do you feel as if an illness has destroyed everything in your life?

KEY WORDS : poisoned atmosphere, bad relationship, crippling, economic hardship, self destructive, deep rooted problem, harass, suspicions, mistrust, (write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "poisoned relationship"
- "she cannot see its slowly destroying her"
- "a poisonous atmosphere"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Is there a relationship that appears poisoned and difficult right now?
- What issue is poisoning and destroying your life right now?
- Is there a poisoned atmosphere at work or at home right now?


Example dream : A poisonous smoke was symbolic of the dreamers thoughts about the recent bank crisis. The smoke reminded the dreamer of the smoke cloud after the 9-11 attacks which was full of cancerous substances. This probably caused more deaths than the 9-11 attacks. The dreamer was using this as a symbol for the bank crisis. A woman he had talked to was speaking as if the bank crisis was over. But for the dreamer this was just the start. So a poisonous cloud was a symbol for the fundamental and deep rooted problems which were crippling in the world economy.
Example dream : Poison in a dream was linked to the dreamers well meaning sister - she liked to welcome people by giving them as much food as possible. But to the dreamer this was harmful as she suffered from diabetes. Much of this food was harmful (poisonous) to her.
Example dream : Poison symbolised his mothers tendency to totally infuriate him. Their relationship was poisoned. The dreamer was easily able to understand the symbolic meaning of "poisoned" by thinking how he might use the phrase "poisoned relationship" to describe his feelings.
Example dream : Killing a dog with poison was linked to the dreamers decision to end a relationship. The dog was a symbol for her friend and the poison was symbolic of the decision to end (kill off) the relationship.
Example dream : Poisonous snakes and non poisonous snakes in a dream linked to the dreamers son being involved in a very volatile relationship. The poisonous snakes symbolised the issues which her sons girlfriend would 'bite' on - the issues which could cause a flare up.
Example dream : A rat poison dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about a woman who thought he was sinister Eg she thought he was a pest). The rat poison symbolised her exaggerated wish to stop the dreamer harassing her.
Example dream : A dream of poison gas linked to the dreamer writing an history article on the German attack of his home town of Scarborough during 1914. The article seemed linked to the things that he wished to emphasise in this article. Poison gas seems linked to the paranoia after this attack and maybe captures this thought "I would like to emphasise how people became paranoid and were speculating about all sorts of things."
Example dream : A poisonous bomb was linked to some very negative comments made to the dreamer. The dreamer had allowed such negativity to get to her.
Example dream : Poison symbolised the dreamers feelings about the pain that arthritis had caused him . He felt as if his body was being poisoned by this crippling disease.
Example dream : Poisoning my sister symbolised a denial of mounting health problems and personal self destructiveness. The dreamers attitude towards her own health was 'poisoned'.
Example dream : Poison in a dream was linked to the dreamers suspicions of her husband who was making suspicious phone calls - she feared that he was cheating. This was obviously poisoning the relationship.
Example dream : A poisonous snake symbolised the dreamers mothers huge health problems. She could barely walk and had anxiety attacks. The snake was probably symbolic of dreamers fear of these getting worse and the real life chance that she may die.
Example dream : A dream about his sister putting poison in her mouth linked to the dreamers sister in law. She was needing help and was asking for money. This poisoned the relationship.
Example dream : A dream where a mother was poisoned linked to the poisonous atmosphere at the dreamers work recently.

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