Playing is often a symbol of contentment. It may show that you are happily occupied at present. It could mean that you have been playing with some idea? Were you especially able to relax yesterday? Are you looking forward to some free time tomorrow when you can just relax? Try to think what comes to mind.

KEY WORDS :a new interest, enjoy life, being friends, naivety, wanting fun, playing with ideas, annoying children, enthusiasm for something, spontaneous friend, enjoying life to the full

Try to think how you might use these words to describe your current feelings. Think of phrases like "My illness has affected my ability to enjoy life" or "I was enjoying life to the full yesterday. We all had a good time down by the canal. I should do that again". If you can you any of these key words to describe key feelings at the moment then its possible that the dream links to that exact thought. It could be a symbolic representation of that exact thought.


Example dream : Playing and laughing with his ex symbolised the dreamers wish to stay friends with his ex and his fond memories of just being with her.
Example dream : a coyote walking playfully with the dreamer was linked to the dreamers husband cheating on her. The playfulness was probably a symbol of his hypocrisy.
Example dream : A playground was a symbol of the dreamers new friend who was very spontaneous and enjoyed life to the full.
Example dream : Playing in a dream was linked to the dreamer being able to relax after his home had been taken over during some building work.
Example dream : Children playing symbolised the dreamers thoughts about her son who had just moved back in. It was a reminder of the past when they ran freely through the house and the life he would bring back in to the house. Children playing also maybe hinted at the noise and disruption that the dreamer felt(children playing can be very noisy).
Example dream : Playing with a new toy symbolised recent good times with the dreamer as he had struck up a new friendship. This had obviously lifted his spirits.
Example dream : Playing symbolised the dreamers own naivety and wish to have fun - she woke up realising that she should cut off contact with a guy that she was in danger of cheating with her boyfriend with
Example dream : Young people playing in a dream was linked to he dreamers thoughts about his deteriorating health. He was reflecting on how his poor health was stopping him from enjoying life.
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer is playing football linked to him having lots of energy during the middle of the night. He would never have the energy to play soccer any more as he suffered from tiredness. Dreams will spot changes in our health and mood and this dream caught this feeling "I feel like I have lots of energy for a change. I feel like I want to go and have a game of football."
Example dream : Playing with children symbolised the dreamers better day. He found something interesting to do after having a bad day the day before
Example dream : Playing with a violin in a dream was symbolic of the good fun that the dreamer had using a video camera the day before. Normally he was very shy but in this case he was very confident.
Example dream : Dreaming of children playing symbolised the thoughts a story on the radio had just affected him. Children playing symbolised the need to impress people by appealing to their enthusiasms and something which was clearly a good cause
Example dream : Playing with a baby was a symbol for a new interest. Playing represented his enthusiasm and good feelings - the type you get when you play with a new born baby.

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