Phones symbolise communication or more accurately lack of communication. So look for relationships where you feel communication has broken down.

KEY WORDS : Sensing, lack of communication, telling, clarifying, tell someone exactly what you think of them, mixed signals, sort things out, sense something is wrong

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "what is he thinking?"
- "I just sense something"
- "I am a bit worried because she is not behaving like she normally does..."
- "I really am not sure what he wants. He is not really communicating clearly"
- "I want to tell him that ..."
- "I was telling her exactly WHY I felt that way"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you been sensing something in someone's behaviour?
- Have you been trying to work out how someone is thinking?
- Have you been trying to clarify why you did something?
- What issues involving poor communication of feelings have been bugging you?


Example dream : Searching for your phone symbolises the dreamers problems with his girlfriend. He was wanting to talk to her and sort things out.
Example dream : Being on the phone with her ex linked to the dreamer wanting to express her feelings about the break up. She had obviously been thinking about him and wanted to tell him exactly what she thought (but being unable to express those thoughts since they had broken up).
Example dream : Wanting to phone up her ex boyfriend was a symbol of her regret that the relationship had ended. She was wanting to talk to her ex but obviously he wanted nothing to do with her.
Example dream : A phone call to her ex boyfriend which just goes to answering machine was linked to her inability to understand what her ex wanted. Sometimes he gave out a signal that he wanted to get back together but the signals were mixed.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer phones her boyfriend up but he ignores her took place as she was thinking how uncaring her was. In the dream she has just had a car crash and yet he ignores her on the phone. The dream has created a storyline where an ideal boyfriend would be frantic with worry. Yet her boyfriend simply ignores her. This shows that their communication is not good. He does not support her at moments of stress. The dream was not linked to a real life car crash, the crash was just a vehicle to express her feelings. The metaphor was obvious "even if I was in a car crash my boyfriend would not care less. He would be no support." A phone has obvious links to communication as we will often get on the phone to express our feelings.
Example dream : Wanting to phone up Brad Pitt was linked to a real life situation with a guy the dreamer fancied. She had voice mailed a guy she was attracted to and had not received a reply. She wanted to desperately hear what his answer was - so wanted to phone up.
Example dream : Her husband going through her phone was symbolic of his controlling and abusive side.
Example dream : A dream about using the phone was linked to the dreamers mental health problems and in particular his phobia of using phones. Using the phone in the dream was symbolic of his need to tell people when he was getting into a crisis as they were the best people to help sort things out. The easiest way to tell his pyschiatric workers was to tell them on the phone. So the dream simply played out this very specific feeling "I need to help sort out my mental health problems. When I get problems I need to tell my support workers. The easiest way is by phone." The dream simply rehearses what he should be doing.
Example dream : A dream about her phone getting disconnected all the time linked to the dreamer wanting to get back together with her ex. The phone being disconnected symbolised her wanting to talk to him but his total lack of interest in her any more.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer keeps phoning her husband linked to her sensing that something was wrong - she could not understand why he did not phone.
Example dream : A dream where a phone is cut off linked to the dreamer sensing something was wrong because his girlfriend normally phoned but not the previous night.
Example dream : A dream phoning her ex boyfriend linked to the dreamer getting mixed signals from her ex boyfriend. She wanted a serious talk with him and find out how he truly felt and why he ended the relationship.
Example dream : A phone message linked to the dreamer sensing something was wrong with her boyfriend - he had gone very quiet and she knew he had lots of problems and she was wanting to help but he was shutting her out.
Example dream : A phone dream linked to the dreamer talking things through with his ex the day before. He said it would be a mistake to get back together.

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