Parties can be symbols for any type of sociable behaviour. Your dream maybe linked to some thoughts about going out and meeting people. You maybe looking forward to a night out. The dream may also apply to a situation where you have been very sociable at work. It maybe a dream about the appropriateness of this behaviour?

KEY WORDS :previous night out, talking openly, saying things you would not normally say, outgoing mood, friendly, saying things which were not appropriate


Example dream : A party in a dream was linked to the dreamer wish to express her religious beliefs. The party symbolised her wish to express her views in a joyous and way.
Example dream : A party dream was linked to the dreamers thoughts about opening up to her fiance. She was not used to opening up her emotions - the party in the dream represented this opening up (its the type of thing we do at parties - opening up and saying things that we would not normally say).
Example dream : A party in a dream was linked to the dreamers predominant mood - she was full of energy and feeling very spiritually uplifted. She had a lot of energy and was ready to meet people and have fun.
Example dream : A dream about a party took place when the dreamer realised that she had become too casual at work. She needed to work harder and take it more seriously. The party was a symbol of contrast linking to phrases like "You treat work like a party" or "It's not a party. Your not supposed to enjoy it."
Example dream : A party type atmosphere in a dream linked to the dreamers fears and phobias as he disliked party type atmospheres. Recently he had become very worn out and tired and was feeling his age. The dream linked to these specific thoughts "I am feeling increasingly worn out and tired. I have never been very sociable and indeed I am very phobic of party type atmospheres. I seem to be getting worse!"
Example dream : A party dream took place after the dreamer had been thinking about his friendship with someone who had said negative things about him. He had read this girls journal so knew exactly what she thought of him. A party represented the dreamer thinking through a situation where he thought he was having fun and actually found out others were laughing at him.
Example dream : A dream about a party was linked to the dreamers wish to avoid a friend - she was very sociable and outgoing and at that time he was very ill and tired. So the dream captured this exact feeling "I have always got on with my friend. But since I started suffering from this terrible degenerative illness I have not felt like socialising."
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was scared to leave her purse during a party at her ex's. In real life she had been thinking for two weeks about moving in with her boyfriend. The dream seems likely to be linked to this big issue. But what was the party a symbol of? The symbolism is not entirely clear. Here is one possible association
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was at a party with police, social workers and people making assessments of him. In real life he had been very worried recently about his deteriorating health. Soon he was worried that he would start collapsing in public and would have to address this change in his health.
Example dream : A party in a dream took place the day before the dreamer was due to go a community centre. He was angry with the people there and was not wanting to socialise (he was not in party mode). The dream captured this type of feeling "They are going to want to be really friendly but I just want to ignore them."
Example dream : A party dream linked to the dreamer liking a woman. He was imagining all sorts of scenarios with her - spending time having fun and making friends.
Example dream : Not liking people having a party linked to th dreamers increasing illness. He simply could not cope with people at all due to this illness.

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