DREAM DICTIONARY - Parking-lot :

Cars are the way in which we travel towards our goals. The car is largely a symbol of day to day reality in our conscious world. Its about our real life projects and achievements rather than the emotional goals and feelings. A parked car will generally symbolise one of two things. You are just about to start a new project or move off in some new direction. Or you have ground to a halt because of some problem. Think about your real life and the problems in it.

Parking a car may suggest that you are trying to move towards a new and more comfortable situation. Maybe you are wanting to let things settle down after some disruptions in relationships.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Was some project or activity at a standstill yesterday?
- Are things not happening in the way that you wish that they would right now?
- Have you just taken a pause to see which direction that you wish to head in?
- Are you about to embark on some new journey or adventure?

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "Its at a standstill right now"
- "its about to start soon"
- "things are not happening right now"
- "everything has ground to a halt!"
- "I cannot seem to get things moving in the way that I wish"
- "in which direction will he go"


Example dream : A dream in a beach car park linked to the dreamer taking over some self defence classes. The car park was symbolic of him preparing to start these.
Example dream : A dream walking to a car was linked to the dreamer having a busy day ahead. Walking to the car was symbolic of him preparing to get involved in this.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer meets her brother at a car park linked to him trying to get plans moving very quickly. It was a tough project and he wanted to get started
Example dream : A dream with a standstill linked to the dreamers relationship having ground to a standstill. She was trying to work out what had caused this.
Example dream : A parking lot dream was symbolic of the dreamers health problems which meant he needed to constantly rest. He was not able to move very quickly if at all.
Example dream : A car park was symbolic of a project which had ground to a halt. This was frustrating the dreamer.
Example dream : A park car in multi storey car park dream linked to the dreamer trying to master a new skill. It was quite difficult and she was not feeling totally comfortable with it.
Example dream : A dream about swapping car parking positions linked to the dreamer thinking about his work. He was not getting on with a co-worker. Just recently it had become obvious that he now outranked this co-worker - he was seen as more important and hard working. This was very annoying to the co-worker. The car park position was symbolic of his rank within the company.

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