Parents are a symbol linked to sensible and good behaviour and thoughts. Try to think of a link to such a theme right now. Did you end up doing the sensible thing yesterday? Did you take a cautious approach to something yesterday?

Parents can also link to a lack of freedom. Are you a teenager who is sick of your parents controlling your life? Are you sick of rules which you are forced to obey? (rules in general not just your parents rules).

Parents also have more positive meanings. Have you been trying to obtain some guidance on some issue? Has someone been a good role model for you recently? Are you struggling with health problems and you need the help of someone to look after your life?

KEY WORDS: following rules, needing help, guidance, battles, sensible, reponsible, debacle, church, never, forbidden, wanting more freedom, respectability, role model


Example dream : A dream about the dreamers parents watching his behaviour took place when the dreamer felt his neighbours were dictating how he should behave. They were claiming he was a nuisance because of his odd and eccentric manner. He felt that they were dictating how he should behave (in the same way a parent dictates how a child behaves).
Example dream : A dream about being at his parents house was something that in real life was very unlikely to happen. Actually this hinted at the dreams meaning. The dreamer had been hoping that he could bump into his ex girlfriend in order to get back together with her. This was something very unlikely to happen - as he was also avoiding his ex.
Example dream : A dream about being attacked at her parents linked to the dreamer feeling threatened at work. A co-worker was later dismissed - he was taking drugs. The parents house symbolised something bad taking place in a setting that should have been respectable and free from threatening behaviour.
Example dream : A dream where his parents died was symbolic of a teenagers wish for more freedom. Most teenagers have lots of restrictions placed on them so its likely that their dreams sometimes feature a wish to free themselves of all restrictions.
Example dream : The dreamers parents being away in a dream linked to the dreamers boss being away. The dreamer had been having an easy time of it and he wished that this could continue. In the dream the dreamer takes advantage of the time his parents were away which was a direct metaphor for him taking advantage of his boss being away. His parents symbolised his need to follow rules and behave responsibly - especially whilst they were there.
Example dream : Parents were a symbol for a strong role model who had been making the dreamer feel better about himself. She had been guiding and encouraging him to do things he found difficult. Parents were a symbol of his willingness to accept this guidance and help.
Example dream : Parents in dream symbolised the dreamers wish to be sensible and not wallow in a bad mood. He had spent most of the day dull and listless and managed to snap out of it regaining his focus later in the day
Example dream : Going to the big city without her parents was a symbol linked to the dreamers recent nervous breakdown. She had really been struggling meeting new people and going to new places. Just recently she had shown signs of improvement. Being in the city by herself was symbolic of her growing self confidence and willingness to come out of her shell - parents represented her ability to do things entirely on her own without help or guidance.

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