Parachutes could suggest that you are bailing out of a relationship and hoping for a safe landing. Think also of excitement and extreme sports - who does that make you think of?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you just realised that some relationship is over andthat you need to start thinking of getting out of it safely?
- Do you wish to get out of some situation which has been extremely unpleasant?

KEY WORDS : Escape safely, just one chance to get it right, survive, having little time to react, things go wrong very quickly, bale out, fun, an amazing experience

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "deciding to get out of the relationship in any way possible"
- "able to survive"
- "having an escape plan"

DREAM WORK : Now write down some quotes that sum up your thoughts and feelings right now. Concentrate on incidents the day before, paranoia's and fantasies, health issues, challenges of the day ahead. Then try to see where the words and phrases above appear in your quotes.


Example dream : A parachute symbolised the dreamers wish for a safe landing after coming out of a relationship. He missed his ex and wanted to stay friends with her. The parachute was a symbol of the crucial period after they split up when he could stay just friends or they may lose touch (e.g. a parachute symbolises the worry that things could go wrong in a very short space of time).
Example dream : Catching a parachute symbolised the dreamers wish to get out of a bad relationship. The parachute represented her wish for the break up to be trouble free('land safely').
Example dream : A parachute not opening dream linked to the dreamer being a skydiver. In the dream he expects to die but then learns to fly. The dream is an emotional dream showing how he gets a buzz out of danger.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was expected to somehow parachute down from a helicopter took place the night before the dreamer was supposed to attend a big family occasion. He was feeling very unwell and yet was expected to take lots of photos. The parachute was a symbol of his worries about the day to come and his belief that problems might be expected and the situation would be highly precarious (just like parachuting). He would have little time to put things right and only had one chance ( parachutist only has one chance to do it right otherwise they are dead)
Example dream : A parachute in an adventure park was symbolic of the dreamers wish for fun and excitement. She wanted to mix with friends but just lately it had been difficult.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is afraid to jump out of a plane in a parachute linked to the dreamers extreme phobias. In real life she had just seen a counsellor who was going to help her overcome these phobias. The parachute jump was the ultimate fear, something which the dreamer simply could not do because of her phobias.
Example dream : A parachute dream occurred as the dreamer had just decided to end her relationship with her boyfriend. The parachute symbolised her wish to bale out of the relationship and with as little as fuss as possible.
Example dream : A parachute dream occurred as the dreamer was starting up with his new band. He had just had a gig and was realising that if things went wrong on stage then there was little time to put things right (a pilot has little time to parachute out).
Example dream : A dream where a pig parachutes linked to the dreamer finding the pace tough at work. He was not sure if he could manage the pace. If the going gets too tough for a pilot then they parachute out of their plane.

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