When you panic you stop reacting in a rational way so panic probably captures ways in which you are trying to overcome irrationality. If you did not know what to do yesterday then its probably a dream related to that. It might hint at how you would like to have acted?

Panic also appears in dreams when life has just changed in some way. Suddenly life is very different. Perhaps you have lost a job? Maybe someone has just died? In some way your world has changed and you really don't know what to do just yet. You need to settle down and think carefully.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Are you worrying about some task or situation on the day to come?
- Did you feel unable to act in some situation yesterday?
- Are you having to complete some task which you simply have to get right?
- Do you feel really unsettled by something that has happened or something that someone has said?
- Do you feel a lack of control over some aspect of your life?

KEY WORDS : Unsettled, disruption,change, worry, lack of control, powerless, lack of ability, testing, monitored(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I feel unsettled by his response"
- "There is a lot of disruption in my life right now"
- "I feel generally unsettled right now"
- "I need to accept these changes"
- "I should be worrying more about this"
- "It is a big day tomorrow"
- "I do not think have prepared well enough for tomorrow"
- "I just do not know what to do!"
- "I feel a total lack of control over my life"
- "I seem unable to act"
- "I really let myself down"
- "I do not feel I have the abilities to do that"
- "It was quite a testing moment yesterday"
- "I just hope I got it right! I simply cannot afford to make a mistake!"
- "She is watching every move I make and will pounce on any mistake"
- "I am not sure she would be able to cope"

DREAM WORK : Now write down some quotes that sum up your thoughts and feelings right now. Concentrate on incidents the day before, paranoia#146;s and fantasies, health issues, challenges of the day ahead. Then try to see where the words and phrases above appear in your quotes.


Example dream : Anxiety and panic in a dream linked to the day before when the dreamer felt anxiety and panic as his health condition worsened whilst he was in town. Panic was symbolic of real life panic the day before as he realised how bad his health had become.
Example dream : Panic in a dream linked to the dreamer taking part in a drug rehabilitation program. She was due to make an assessment of her progress and this was something that she really did not want to do.
Example dream : Panicking symbolised the dreamers dilemma the day before as she did not know what to do when her best friend was ill. She did not want to overreact but he was suffering from chest pains. Panicking was a symbol of her worst fears. She was worrying that he was having a heart attack. Overall the dream caught this feeling "I did not know what to do. I tried telling him that he needed to go to the doctors but he would not."
Example dream : A dream where there was "a sense of urgency but not panic" was linked to the dreamers fears about visiting an amusement park the next day. The dream was a measure of how much she was worried - she felt that sense of urgency but not panic. Dreams will try to pinpoint exactly how we feel about something - in this case the deam probably caught this feeling "I am quite anxious about these amusement rides tommorrow. I do get a little fearful. I think I will be excited but I will not panic."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer starts to panic took place the day after the dreamer had a conversation with a woman he liked. He felt very worried that this friendship with another woman might annoy his wife. Panic in the dream was a symbol of his real life feelings of uneasiness at this awkward situation.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer panics was linked to her having a range of mental health problems including panic attacks and anxiety. At the time of the dream the help she received from social services was in danger of being withdrawn. The dream probably linked to these kinds of thoughts "I know I suffer from panics and anxiety. But do I suffer from them badly enough to get help from social services."
Example dream : A dream about falling to your death and panicking took place whilst the dreamer was training for the Territorial Army. The dreamer was learning not to panic when in danger.
Example dream : a state of panic symbolised the dreamers feelings about her son moving back in. It was all a bit too much - it upset her routine.
Example dream : A panic dream represented the dreamers knowledge that she could not cope doing something that she would soon have to do. Everyone was expecting her to set up her own business after finishing college but she was not confident in ways like that.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer feels panicky, that he might get caught being a peeping tom, took place as the dreamer was having some intense sexual fantasies about a woman on Facebook. He did not know her personally, she was a friend of a friend. This sense of panic was a symbol of him feeling guilty for some sexual fantasies.
Example dream : Panic symbolised the dreamers fear that her mother would stay in Japan (where she had just gone on holiday ) - she had a history of leaving without saying anything to her daughter. This really unsettled the dreamer.
Example dream : A panic dream symbolised the dreamers realisation that she should not cheat on her boyfriend. She was playing with fire and things could turn nasty if she was found out.
Example dream : Panic in the dream was related to the dreamers father who had just died. She was panicked in real life - unsettled by her fathers death.
Example dream : A dream which the dreamer kept waking up in a panic was thought to be a premonition of a fire in the dreamers house.
Example dream : a dream where the dreamer leaves in a panic linked to a recent feeling where the dreamer was suffering panic attacks. He was meeting with people who he felt panicky with. So the panic in the dream was a literal symbol of the dreamers own panic attacks. Many dreams link to recent feelings and its likely that this dream captured this exact feeling "I have a friend who I feel quite happy talking too. But she has other friends who I feel panicky around." So at the heart of the dream is a very recent and specific thought which deals with the theme of panic attacks.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamer starting to panic linked to him having real life panic attacks. This was made worse because he was suffering from severe depression.
Example dream : Not panicking in a dream was linked to the dreamers recovery from a nervous breakdown. The dream took her to a place where she was likely to suffer terrible panic attacks. Yet she was quite calm and happy and this was symbolic of her ability to handle stress in the wider world. Her dream noted this recent improvement in her self assurance and personal confidence.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer panics and asks her mum but she does not know what to do linked to her mother going through a divorce. The dreamer was very unsettled and hated school and she could not really look to her mother for stability as she was unsettled as well.
Example dream : A dream with panic in it linked to the dreams father having just died. The panic symbolised his unsettled feelings about the future.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer wakes up panicking linked to him living in a new city. Her father had made some promises which he did not keep and it caused the dreamer lots of inconvenience. Panic was symbolic of a sudden feeling that she was not prepared.
Example dream : A panic dream linked to the dreamer thinking about his own mortality.
Example dream : A panic dream linked to the dreamer losing his temper the day before. He now feared becoming like his father who could lose control. It was unsettling to think that he could completely lose it again.
Example dream : A panic dream linked to the dreamers boyfriend cheating on her (but in a gay relationship). She tried to become friends but it was all unsettling.
Example dream : A panic dream linked to the dreamer not being in control at the time and in need of a good rest.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is on the Titanic jst before it sinks symbolised the dreamer knowing her big assessment was coming tomorrow with her boss. She was wondering why she was not more panicked about it all.
Example dream : A panic dream linked to the dreamer facing an important exam the next day. Panic symbolised her fear that she was not prepared properly.
Example dream : A panic dream linked to the dreamer having a big day to come the next day and having not made any preparations.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer wakes up in a panic linked to rumours that the dreamers mother would soon go to Japan - she had not told her daughter this. Panic symbolised her fears over something which she had no control over.
Example dream : Panic in a dream linked to the dreamers country being at war. The panic symbolised his real fear as the bombs were dropping.
Example dream : Panic in a dream linked to the dreamers son moving back home due to being unemployed. The panic symbolised her fear that she might get taken advantage of.
Example dream : A panic because of chasing spiders linked to the dreamer being unable to make a decision. He was kind of stuck.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer panics as he is unable to cross a bridge linked to him knowing that he needed to change but being unable to move forward. The panic symbolised his lack of decisiveness.
Example dream : Starting to panic in a dream linked to the dreamer hearing a relative had died and her feeling ashamed of herself for thinking about the possibility of getting money from her in the will. Feeling panic symbolised her feeling that her behaviour maybe misinterpreted.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer begins to panic linked to the dreamer having to choose some career options and wondering if she could not cope with some options because they were beyond her. Panic was symbolic of the fear that something was too difficult for her.
Example dream : A panic dream linked to the dreamer trying to find work. She had major health difficulties and so this was not proving easy. Panic was symbolic of him feeling desperate.
Example dream : A panicking man linked to the dreamer forgetting his medications. It was really quite scary because anything could have happened.
Example dream : A dream where her mother panics was thought to be a premonition of her own fathers death on the next day. The panic symbolised her obvious shock at some terrible news.
Example dream : A woman panics dream linked to the dreamers son behaving very badly the day before. He showed a side of himself that she did not like. Panic was symbolic of her being a little freaked out and unsettled by this.
Example dream : A panic dream linked to the dreamer working as a social worker and knowing that every decision she made would seriously affect peoples lives. It was vital that she get everything right.
Example dream : A panic dream linked to the dreamers mother watching every move that she made. Panic symbolised her fear of making a mistake whilst her mother was watching everything.
Example dream : A panic dream linked to the dreamer wanting to leave her friend in charge of a club but she was not sure she had the ability to keep order in a difficult situation. The panic symbolised her lack of real faith in her friends abilities.

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