Reading the news maybe symbolic of your wish to keep up with the latest developments in some part of your own life. News reports have also been linked to premonitions of upcoming events.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did ya news story have a very personal meaning to you yesterday?
- Have you been closely watching some situation?

KEY WORDS : Monitoring, gather information, the latest, interesting real news

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I have been keeping up to date with all the latest developments"
- "I have been trying to gather information"
- "The latest is that... "
- "I want to know what is happening in his life"
- "I have been monitoring the situation closely and ...."
- "I really found a story on the news interesting"
- "That news story really brought home to me how terrible it was"
- "The newspaper in question had a very personal meaning to me"

DREAM WORK : Now write down some quotes that sum up your thoughts and feelings right now. Concentrate on incidents the day before, paranoia#146;s and fantasies, health issues, challenges of the day ahead. Then try to see where the words and phrases above appear in your quotes.


Example dream : A dream with a news reporter took place as the dreamer was facing major changes at work with new managers being brought in. The news reporter showed that the dreamer was still buzzing from all the excitement. He was eager to find out the latest news and know what peoples opinions were. These were feelings that we assocciate with news reporters who are eagerly hunting out new snippets of information.
Example dream : A dream about a war which was all over the "news" was linked to the dreamer sensing some bad vibes before going to sleep. She told the creepy presence to go away. The news in the dream caught her feelings as they developed during this ongoing situation. The "news" taps into feelings like "I sensed this presence" hinting at it being a big story (newsworthy). Also with a news story you "I watched every second of it" which also had parallels in real life eg "It was like a news event."
Example dream : News in a dream linked to the dreamer behaving irresponsibly. His girlfriend had criticised his drunken behaviour. The 'News' symbolised the possibility that he might get into real trouble (bad enough to make the news).
Example dream : A news report of an earthquake was symbolic of a real life earthquake about to take place
Example dream : A news reporter dream occurred as the dreamer had just got a new manager at work. She had been thinking about the implications for herself - he seemed to indicate that he would leave her alone. The news reporter symbolised the dreamer wanting to hear the latest about this major change at the office.
Example dream : A news camera showing up dream linked to the dreamer being stopped from seeing her niece. She went into town hoping to bump into them. The news camera showing up symbolised the dreamer thinking about this big change in her life and anticipating what would happen next.
Example dream : A dream about collecting newspapers linked to the dreamer being a bit obsessive about collecting recycled paper.
Example dream : A horse racing newspaper linked to the dreamer doing an interview for the local newspaper the previous day. He told them a lie but was sure he was sure he would get away with it because the chances of being find out were quite remote. The newspaper linked to the dreamer appearing in a newspaper the previous day.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was watching the news linked to the dreamer going to a funeral the day before. She looked at the congregation and thought to her self that most had been in prison or done drugs. She was thinking how they all could die young if they did not turn to religion. The news symbolised her belief that their wild behaviour would end up in a tragedy (they would make the news in some terrible way).
Example dream : Hearing a news story of a three year old boy who dies tragically linked to the dreamer thinking about her own little baby boy. He had just learned to open the door and so she would have to be more vigilant. The news story symbolised her fear that she would have to make sure her son was safe or she might be the unlucky mother whose story appears on the news.
Example dream : One dream about a news tragedy on the TV linked to the dreamer working with the public. Sometimes he was very fearful as they could get very angry and dangerous. The news tragedy symbolised the worry that the dreamer had to be aware of the dangers of dealing with people at work who were angry and the possibility that things might go seriously wrong.
Example dream : A news reporter dream linked to the dreamer trying not to offend a friend. He avoided telling her his honest opinion because he feared it might annoy her. The news symbolised something big happening in the dreamers friends life.

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