Murder in a dream can be translated into everyday words which you might use to describe your feelings such as "tension", "opposition", "hate" and revenge to name just a few. Murder dreams may be triggered by any of the following feelings.

1. HATE Were you thinking about someone whom you seriously dislike yesterday?
2. REVENGE Is someone out for revenge?
3. STRONG FEELINGS Killing is associated with strong feelings and if you have been thinking about something which you find completely unnacceptable then your killing dream maybe linked to that.
4. END A RELATIONSHIP Dreams use strong metaphors. Have you just "killed off" a relationship.
5. RESIST Are you intent on resisting something? Your strong will to resist may be spilling over into a dream.
6. PROTECTING SOMEONE Have you been worried about someone who needs protecting? Your dream may show how worried you are.
7. RISKY BEHAVIOUR Where you in a risky situation yesterday? Your dream may be a warning to keep things more under control.
8. ACT RUTHLESSLY Killing is the ultimate example of ruthless behaviour. A killing dream may simply represent this need to be ruthless.
10. UNCARING A killing dream may be your minds way of saying you have been uncaring recently. The dream may be drawing attention to your ruthless and cold hearted nature right now.
11. INTENSE ARGUMENT People who kill may be doing so as a result of intense arguments. Your killing dream may hint at the level of intensity of an argument.
13. OVERCOME PROBLEMS Killing dreams hint at intense situations. If you have been trying to overcome serious problems then the intensity of your dream may hint at how you are having to push yourself to the limits.
14. BREAKING FREE Are you wanting to break free of someone or some situation? If so then the killing hints at how difficult this is proving. The dream doesn't mean you will kill someone it just means that the situation is intense and difficult (as difficult as a situation where you might kill or be killed).
16. CONFRONTATION Killing links to confrontation. A dream often uses extreme metaphors. A killing dream maybe your minds way of saying how confrontational you or others have been.

The associations listed above are all based upon studies of real "MURDER" dreams. They are based upon the example dreams listed at the bottom of this page.

Murder may suggest that you fear the consequences of doing something. Maybe you fear someone will try to get even with you? So maybe its best to act cautiously. Do not make a complaint! Do not say what you feel you want to say because it may backfire!

Murder is also a symbol used in dreams as a means of comparison. It may mean that you or someone has completely exaggerated how bad someone is (they have been characterised as the worst type of human - murderers!) Have you been annoyed by how bad someone has been portrayed?

Murder is also a huge crime. That's occasionally used by dreams to express a sense of guilt. Do you feel as if you have really done something wrong!

KEY WORDS and PHRASES : This symbol translates into the following words : reacting badly, resisting, ending relationship, ruthless, exaggerating : Try to write down some quotes that capture your feelings. Think especially of the thoughts and feelings in your mind on the day before and those about the day to come.


Example dream : One murder dream was quite literal in that the dreamers boyfriend had just been murdered in real life. The dream helped her deal with some feelings such as her frustration at not been able to say goodbye e.g. "one moment he was there and then he was gone."
Example dream : Killing a stranger in a dream linked to the dreamers conversation the day before. She was talking about her break up with an ex boyfriend - killing the stranger was a symbol for the decision to end (terminate) the relationship. Murder often involves a cold blooded decision and planning - just as we think through a break up and then clinically end the relationship. We may guess that the dreams meaning links to feelings of guilt about how cold and brutal she was in ending the relationship.
Example dream : A dream in which some people felt that a terrible crime like a murder had taken place linked to the dreamer being ashamed at the state of his flat. He would never invite anyone around because it was so untidy, it looked like the kind of place where a terrible crime had taken place (like murder).
Example dream : A murder mystery in a dream linked to an incident the day before. The dreamer had read something on the internet and the person had been talking rather vaguely about something. This vagueness had got the dreamers mind thinking all sorts of things. Murders can link by association with feelings like "that was terrible" or "that was unimaginable." In real life this type of feeling was highly relevant as the dreamer was thinking "what could have happened to this person on the internet. Anything could have happened." With the absence of real information we imagine the worst.
Example dream : A murder would symbolise the bad feelings and mayhem which the dreamer thought would happen if he confronted someone. It would backfire in a bad way - he feared that this person would react badly if he complained. So we can translate the meaning of "murder" into the phrase "react badly" and the dreams meaning taps into the following feeling "If I confront her in the way I want to then will react badly." Obviously "reacting badly" is something that we associate with murder as its the ultimate "bad reaction".
Example dream : Murder in one dream symbolised the 'improper' feelings that he had for a woman. He felt as imited a murdf sexual fantasies were a huge crime. He felt a huge sense of guilt (like if you have commited a murder) having sexual feelings for someone who had been a good friend. The "murder" linked into associated feelings such as "That's completely wrong" and overall the dream captured this type of feeling "I feel very guilty about my sexual feelings for her. They feel quite improper and wrong. If she knew about that he would cut me off straight away."
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is sent to a mental hospital with a guy friend and is accused of murder. In truth we all have anger and frustration and its good to talk about such feelings. There are situations where we all feel like "I want to murder her." Being sent to a mental hospital was her minds way of saying that she would like to talk about deeply troubling issues with her guy friend. That shows that she was trusting him and was willing to talk about things that she would not normally admit to with other people.
Example dream : Murderers in a dream linked to the dreamers dislike of her boyfriends family. She hated being in their presence and her boyfriend of dismissed her worries and felt she was exaggerating how bad they were (they were not crazy killers)
Example dream : In one dream a murder had taken place. In real life the dreamer was due to meet someone he had not met for years due to a major dispute. It seemed likely that everything would be swept under the carpet yet the dreamer and his old friend both probably felt that the other had behaved in a despicable way. (a murder is an unspeakable crime)
Example dream : A dream with murderers in was linked to the dreamers hedonistic lifestyle. The murderers were symbols of his need to avoid drinking too much as this was bringing him into all kinds of dubious people and influences. (murderers being the ultimate bad influence)
Example dream : A dream about a murderer going on a rampage was linked to the dreamers thoughts about several friends dying recently. She felt similar emotions to a mass murder - an inability to make sense of people dying for no reason.
Example dream : A dream about murders in a gangster film took place the night after the dreamer actually watched a gangster film. It seemed unlike most gangster films and the murders which occured made him think deeply.

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