A monster can often represent someone or something that is getting out of hand. It maybe a person who takes advantage or who has become a big problem. They may not be willing to listen or to reason with anyone.

KEY WORDS and PHRASES : This symbol translates into the following words : Out of control, going to any lengths, gone too far, worst fears, hidden anger, spiralling out of control, fantasies, paranoias:Try to write down some quotes that capture your feelings. Think especially of the thoughts and feelings in your mind on the day before and those about the day to come. E.g.
- "this idea is out of control"
- "this behavior has gone too far"
- "losing touch with reality"
- "going to any lengths"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Are you shocked by the lengths that someone will go to to achieve what they want?
- Is someone losing touch with reality?
- Is something simply getting out of control?


Example dream : A monster truck in a dream linked to the dreamer leaving out a friend from a party she organised. The monster represented the bad feeling this caused which was threatening to spiral out of control. (symbol - this was a 'monstrous' thing to do. She might be seen as a monster). The dreamer understood the symbolism of monster simply by thinking of a way in which she might use the word "monstrous" to describe an important feeling at that moment.
Example dream : A dream about a monster attacking the dreamer was linked to her own kitten who was playfully jumping on her whilst she was asleep. The monster was symbolic of the dreamers worst fears trying to work out what was jumping on her during sleep. The kitten could have been anything. With some simple dream analysis we can translate the "monster" in the dream into the word "unknown" and we see how the dream linked to this specific thought "I was attacked by something UNKNOWN in my sleep whilst I was dreaming. I have a feeling it was my kitten playing but I was taken by surprise and it scared me a little." If your mind is distracted in this way during sleep then you will dream about that distraction. Your mind cannot possibly concentrate on any deeper thinking. So in this sense "unknown" is highly associated with "monsters." Monsters are an unknown force, just like the kitten was an unknown force whilst jumping on the dreamer during sleep.
Example dream : A mermaid that turns into a monster linked to the dreamers thoughts about her best friends new girlfriend. The mermaid was symbolic of her friend being lured in by this perfect new girlfriend and the monster was a symbol for all of his relationships going drastically wrong. The dream caught this exact feeling "he is taken with this new girl but all I can think of is how things will go wrong, like they always do, and he will need rescuing from this monstrous new girlfriend."
Example dream : A monster in a dream linked to the dreamers boyfriend whose thoughts were out of control (he was behaving like a monster). He was deluded by his belief in his own talent and was convinced he would win American Idol. So in this sense we can translate the symbolic meaning of "monster" into the phrase "behaviour out of control" and we see how this featured in an important thought for the dreamer "My boyfriend's behaviour is completely out of control. His ego is taking over."
Example dream : Trees described as "monster like" in a dream was symbolic of the dreamers mental health problems. He had a terrible inferiority complex (the monsters were symbolic of the monsters of his mind).
Example dream : A room with monsters, tigers and dragons was linked to the dreamers relationship with her boss. Her boss was suffering from cancer and the room represented the hidden anger and bad feelings that lurked within her (the monster within)as she was suffering. She was holding back all the bad feelings but the dreamer was spotting her cranky and irritable behaviour.
Example dream : Monsters in a dream were linked to the dreamers terrible health problems and worsening mental health. The monsters were symbolic of her paranoias and health problems which totally out of control.
Example dream : Monsters symbolised the often exaggerated fears within the dreamer who suffered from depression. If you are depressed then lifes problems seem to be magnified beyond all reason. So monsters are excellent dream metaphors as it hints at the following feeling "I am so depressed its like I am having to fight a monster all the time." Monsters also have relevance in other ways as a "monster" is linked to the "unknown" and this taps into feelings like "The monsters that I fight in my own ("depressed") mind are unknown. They are demons! I see problems that are not there! It is irrational but I cannot help it."
Example dream : Monsters in a dream were linked to the dreamers terrible health problems and worsening mental health. The monsters were symbolic of her paranoias and health problems which totally out of control.
Example dream : A monster dream linked to the dreamers parents seeing her as a child - but she had lived at college for several years. Their behaviour towards him was monstrous
Example dream : A monster dream linked to the dreamer trying to be nice to co-workers. However, she ended up alienating them, things had spiralled out of control.
Example dream : A monster dream linked to the dreamers fantasies getting out of hand. She did nothing but day dream of her crush. Things were getting out of control.
Example dream : A dream about a monster linked to the dreamer going to any lengths to promote his cause.

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