Dreams are metaphors so try to think up a quote that features both the word "military" and the word "like" e.g. "I enjoy being discipline of my job. It makes me feel like I am in the military" The army could represent anything that you associate with army life. You may have been thinking about your own tough and demanding lifestyle? You could have been thinking of your need to be more disciplined? You might have realised your need to fight for something? You may have noticed that people are lining up on opposing sides at work or somewhere?

KEY WORDS : Discipline, rules, schedule, tough day, teamwork, enduring, hardship, targets, exhausted, harsh conditions, determination, strict regime

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "being very disciplined"
- "there are strict rules that need to be followed"
- "showing discipline and effort"
- "a need to be ready on time"
- "a sense of teamwork and effort"
- "enduring hardship together"
- "the schedule"
- "it was a really rough day"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Do you feel a real sense of team work at present
- Have you had to endure a lot of hardship recently?
- Have you had to buckle down and show a sense of discipline?
- Was yesterday a really tough day?
- Could the dream be a premonition of a really tough day on the actual day of the dream?


Example dream : A defeated army retreating in the snow dream was linked to the terrible conditions the day before as the dreamer had to work in the almost unbearable cold. The army was symbolic of these harsh conditions. (symbol - life in the army is full of similar hardships)
Example dream : The dreamer is quite militaristic in a dream which represented his own personality type - he was quite efficient and wanted things done properly. Whereas his new friend was very adventurous and spontaneous.
Example dream : The dreamer felt alienated from his workmates and the military nature of his dream symbolised his inability to feel at peace at work and his tendency to see the situation in a war like way.
Example dream : An army dream took place when the dreamer was wanting to get involved in voluntary activity but was also feeling tired, exhausted and over stretched.
Example dream : A dream in a dreary military camp linked to a cause that the dreamer had taken on. He had expected this to be exciting and yet he had to show great discipline in organising things. He had expected this new 'campaign cause' to satisfy the rebel inside him inside it brought out the bureaucrat.
Example dream : A dream about military barracks was linked to the dreamers work. He was taking time off sick and he was told to keep his boss informed about when he would be back. His workplace worked like the military and it was vital that you should be disciplined.
Example dream : A dream about the military was linked to the dreamer allowing her son to move back home(due to being unemployed) but only if he followed some rules and conditions. The military was symbolic of the strict regime that she was enforcing on him.
Example dream : A dream about the military linked to the dreamer thinking about some new equipment at work. He had to follow some very precise rules in order to use the machines.
Example dream : A dream about a naval boat was linked to the dreamer trying to get her kids involved in changing their bedrooms around. She got a good team spirit going and also managed to maintain discipline throughout this.
Example dream : A dream about a soldier was linked to the dreamer showing great discipline and effort just recently.
Example dream : A dream about a soldier given orders to leave linked to the dreamer clashing with his girlfriend. He always liked to be punctual whilst she had a tendency to try on a new dress just minutes before leaving.
Example dream : A dream about a former military barracks was linked to the dreamer thinking about his job whilst he was off sick. The military barracks represented him missing the discipline and schedule involved in his job.
Example dream : A military task dream linked to the dreamer thinking about his job. It was not always as interested as he could be but it involved a sense of team work. The discipline and routine was also good for him.
Example dream : A soldiers fighting dream linked to the dreamer having a really bad day. Everything seemed to go wrong. Yet he managed to struggle on through all the adversity.

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