Love can easily be a symbol for your general mood. If you feel love in any way then you will be happy. Did you wake up feeling good about the world? Did you wake up feeling good feelings towards someone - even a crush? Your dream will capture the positive mood right now.

We spend a lot of time thinking about love - it is a very complex emotion. Quite often we feel the most intense rage with the person that we love. With someone close to us we share the deepest feelings and often its difficult to get this right. Perhaps the most honest comments (and therefore cruellest comments) come from those close to us. Our friends will make jokes at our expense but we allow them because we feel comfortable. Sometimes these jokes can too far and its difficult to get the right balance. Your dream maybe about getting the right balance with humour.

KEY WORDS and PHRASES: "we can be together", "he does care even though...", "strong feelings", "mixed signals", "self belief", "grieving", "it's just my thing", "he is just my type"

SYMBOLIC WORD ASSOCIATIONS:abandoned, withers and dies, forbidden love, loved myself, loved himself, loyal, all-consuming, sacred, first-timer, younger, doomed, intoxicated, afterlife, heart-felt, thoughtful, laughing, new-found, passion, good-bye, long-term, effort, believed, sincere, homeland, mean-spirited, marry, family, brotherly, essence, my ideal, magical, beauty, sweetest, endeavour, romantic, freely, wholly, protecting, growing


Example dream : In real life the dreamers boyfriend had just been murdered. In her dream he is shot and then gently kisses the dreamer on the forehead. When her boyfriend was killed she was frustrated that he just died and they did not have a final moment e.g. "one moment he was there then he was dead."
Example dream : A dream where a guy friend says he lives the dreamer linked to the very mixed signals he was sending out. In the dream he says he loved her but in a very none emotional way. In real life he was saying they had a future together but at other times that they were just just friends. The dream was just a vehicle for expressing this mixed signals and lack of real support
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer has never loved her boyfriend so much was linked to her realising that she needed to sort out problems with her boyfriend otherwise they would split.
Example dream : A rat biting a loving pet dream symbolised a guy who was disrespecting the dreamer. She wanted to teach him to be more respectful. She wanted romance to blossom but only if he learned some respect. The pet rat was loving because the dreamer believed that her boyfriend did love her - yet he just had some bad tendencies.
Example dream : A teacher encouraging and loving the dreamer linked to the dreamers realisation that she should believe in herself. She should love herself and be proud of what she could do
Example dream : A dream with a boy who was not loved by his mother took place whilst the dreamer was living homeless and jobless. It is difficult to feel love whilst living in such difficult circumstances.
Example dream : Feeling love for a man she is attracted to in real life was quite literal. It represented her deep feelings for him and wish to be together.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers deceased Aunt where a voice is heard telling the dreamer that their loved one has safely crossed was linked to the dreamers feelings about her death. The dream represented the dreamers acceptance of her death.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer tells her mother in law that she is in love with her other son was linked to the marriage breaking down. The dreamer really appreciated her mother in law and during a possible divorce she wanted to stay on good terms with the mother. Telling her she was in love with another man symbolised the dreamers worries that falling in love with another man would affect her good relationship with her mother in law.
Example dream : Loving a man who raped her symbolised the dreamers participation on an internet forum. Here she received some terrible abuse. Later she realised that this was just part of an initiation and so she started to enjoy the forum (she was 'loving it')

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