Dreams are metaphors so ask yourself what has been like a knife fight. A knife in a dream could depict any situation were tensions have been raised and any conflict has been of a very personal nature. Knives are often linked to highly personal conflicts. If you have just had an argument or you are in a difficult relationship then the knife is a symbol for the personal nature of the conflict. It will be connected with complaints and personal comments.

Knives are also symbols of highly involved situations. It need not be negative - we get very involved in some emotional projects!

Knives can also be symbols of intellectual thinking. We maybe delving deep into a subject and cutting through as we are finding a solution.

- "Highly Involved situation"
- "very interested in something"
- "intense situation"
- "heated arguments"
- "resentments"
- "intense criticism"
- "disputes"
- "ruthless"
- "strongly resist"
- "uncaring emotions"
- "explaining something"

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I cannot stop thinking about it"
- "I have been getting really into it"
- "Starting to understand the subject in great detail"
- "I could not stop thinking about what happened yesterday"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- What issue could you simply not get out of your mind yesterday?
- Have you been studying some issue or subject thoroughly and in great detail?
- What has really been involving your mind?


Example dream : A dream where people are fighting with knives took place at a time when the dreamers sister had just run away from home. A dreams symbol is not so important by itself, its meaning is in the feelings which we associate with it. Knife fighting is the dreams way of portraying the feeling "with all that is going on." Why is this the case? Because we associate a knife fight with feelings like "with all that is going on" or other feelings like "bitter and involved emotions" or "highly involved and bitter." What does this mean for the dreams meaning? Try taking one of these associated phrases like "highly involved and bitter" and see how you might use that phrase to describe the dreamers feelings e.g. "this is a highly involved and bitter situation. Everyone is tense as my sister has run away from home." So the storyline of a knife fight did not mean mean the dreamer felt like knifing someone but rather that she felt the emotions of someone watching a knife fight. The dream mirrored those emotions yet the storyline did not portray any real events in her life. Actually we can guess the dreams meaning as she reported that "she was very upset with all the trouble going on in her life and was looking for support from friends. However, she was getting no meaningful help from any of her friends."
Example dream : A dream about stabbing someone linked to the dreamer making some nasty comments to a friend the day before. The exact meaning of the dream featured this theme of "nasty comments" and linked to this exact thought "I made some nasty comments to my friend but I now realise that this was a mistake"
Example dream : Killing people by throwing knives in a dream symbolised the dreamers conversation the day before where she was telling a friend about something which had really annoyed her. Knives symbolise highly intense personal disputes (we only throw knives if we are really angry). The overall dream meaning dealt with this theme of "intense" and "personal disputes" and linked to this precise thought process "I was very intense and angry yesterday. I expected my friend to support me but she just stood there and said nothing"
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is looking for a knife to cut off a snakes head took place whilst the dreamer was realising that he had to confront a neighbour who seemed intent on causing him trouble. This was an intense personal struggle someone who seemed unwilling to give way.
Example dream : A knife in a dream linked to the dreamer coming under extreme pressure to get an arranged marriage. The knife was symbolic of his bitter attempts to resist this pressure.
Example dream : A butchers knife dream took place after the dreamer had tried to warn her father about her brothers new girlfriend. She had very strong views about her - she had intended to 'butcher' her reputation.
Example dream : A brutal knife attack symbolised the dreamers fears about what would happen if he confronted a woman. He feared it would lead to a very intense personal struggle with the woman and it would all end badly (knife fights are always intense). So we can actually translate the meaning of "knife" into the phrase "intense personal struggle" and we see that the dreams meaning fits the following thought "I want to confront her about it but I know it will be a very intense situation."
Example dream : Using a knife to injure a dog biting him symbolised the dreamers resentment towards his manager who had been criticising him unjustifiably. Knives can symbolise these intense confrontations.
Example dream : The night before a knife attack dream the dreamer had an argument with her child's father. The knife symbolised a bitter and intense and very personal fight
Example dream : Using a knife to cut a sacred cows throat linked to the dreamer not want to help a man with learning disabilities sort out a computer. The dreamer did not want to get into that kind of commitment and relationship with her neighbour. Cutting the cows throat symbolised her wish to terminate that relationship before it started.
Example dream : A dream which involved a great deal of shooting and knife fights took place as the dreamer was trying to tame a feral kitten. The knife attacks were symbol for the intense fight that the wild cat put up and its wild instincts.
Example dream : Stabbing a snake with a knife represented the dreamers frantic worries the previous night that his mother might die. Killing the snake symbolised his determination to do whatever he could to stop this (even though he could do nothing). (if you are 'willing to do anything' then you would would even tackle a dangerous snake)
Example dream : A butchers knife symbolised the dreamer being very ruthless and unthinking. He was very bitter and uncaring towards other people.
Example dream : Knives placed around symbolised the dreamers wish to put across his ideas. Knives cut deeply into their subject - a metaphor for the dreamers wish to put across his ideas in a deep way and delve right into the heart of the matter.
Example dream : A dream about a butcher dissecting a pig or cow took place when the dreamer had become really interested in something. Butchering was a symbol of his wish to understand something from inside out. He was delving right into the heart of the subject.
Example dream : A knife represented the very personal nature of a dispute and vicious confrontation which may result if a complaint was made.(If someone makes a complaint against you it feels like they have plunged a knife and then twist it)
Example dream : A kidnapper threatening to kill a child with a knife if people came near him was symbolic of the dreamers mental illness. He was aware of his own worst tendencies and was trying to curb his tendency to abuse women.
Example dream : A knife dream linked to the dreamer wanting to tell her partner everything that was on her mind - get everything out into the open.
Example dream : A knife dream linked to the dreamer really trying to help people understand why something happened. He wanted to get them really involved into how and why it happened.
Example dream : A dream of men stabbing me linked to the dreamer hoping to engage peoples enthusiasms. He really wanted people to understand his explanation.
Example dream : A Swiss army knife linked to the dreamer trying to really explain something to a friend. She was trying to tell her not to go back with her ex but she took it the wrong way.
Example dream : A knife dream linked to the dreamer becoming really involved with a TV film the night before. He was finding it difficult to occupy himself.

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