In practice king dreams can translate into words such as "power", "authority", "pandering" and even "independence". "King dreams" can be triggered by these types of feelings.

1.POWER and AUTHORITY Do you hate someone because of the power and dominace that they have over you? Did you enjoy weilding power in some way yesterday?
2.PANDERING Have you been annoyed by the way in which someone is being treated like a king, pandering to their every whim? Alternatively, are you trying to make everything just right for someone? Are you treating him like a king?
All of these "king dreams" meanings are all based upon real research into dreams, all of the examples of which are listed at the bottom of this article.

Kings can be symbolic of your wish to be more authoritative and in command. It could be that you are trying to assert your leadership in some way.

A king could represent someone who you have a real emotional feeling for and who you respect for their great knowledge and leadership. A king could be a symbol for a head of family as they are recognised as the leader.

Kings can reflect ways in which you are losing power. Maybe others are taking away your control over something. This may especially link to your own independence.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Is someone challenging your leadership of some group or gang?
- Did you try to appear especially authoritative at work yesterday?
- Is there some issue in your life concerning leadership(family, work or friends)?
- Have you been trying to establish some dominant idea or belief? - Do you fear people are taking power over you? Are you losing your own independence and ability to decide your own future?

KEY WORDS and PHRASES : This symbol translates into the following words : dominant figure, head of family , authoritative, best approach, sense of power, time period, pandering to his every whim, making your own decisions : Here are some possible ways that these may appear in your current thinking.
- "they need to respect my leadership"
- "appearing commanding and authoritative"
- "head of the family"
- "commanding and dominant ideas"
(Now write down some quotes that sum up your feelings about the previous day. Then add some thoughts about what you expected to happen on the day to come. Finally add some feelings about your life in general. Then see where the key words and phrases appear in your quotes)

The best, kingdom, angry, head, young, force, questions, bedchamber, outlive, unbeatable, justice, overhead, knowledge, believed, indispensable, afterlife, magical, instructions, guests, everyone, eventually, Englishman, suspicious, mischievous, celebration, surrounding, prematurely


Example dream : A dream about a king linked to the dreamers thoughts about someone. He did not want to appear too dominant by criticising him. The king therefore represented the dominant male member of a group and problems linked to appearing too assertive (he did not want to appear like a King he was trying to be more inclusive). So the dreams meaning involved this theme of a "dominant male" and linked to this precise thought process "I did not like correcting him as I think he knows what he is doing. I would rather appear more inclusive." So see how the symbolic meaning is not at all simplistic and links to complex thought processes within the dreamer
Example dream : A kings reign symbolised a period in the dreamers own history (an era). He believed that a friendship was not over so this period was not over - that eventually the problems with this friend would be sorted out. That friendship still 'ruled' and was important to both - they just needed to sort things out. We could translate symbolically the meaning of "king" into "a period of time" or "a phase" or "era."
Example dream : A king in one dream linked to the dreamer getting annoyed with her boyfriend and his family. They wanted big things for him and wanted. The king represented this feeling that everything revolved around him and that he must get everything he wanted and everyone must do everything he wanted them to do. He was being revered like a king.
Example dream : A dream with various kings in a competition represented the dreamers attempts to find out the best approach to present his ideas. He had decided to try out various approaches and then see which was best. The king was a symbol for the best approach - the one which would rule.
Example dream : The kings in a dream symbolised the opportunities that the dreamer had had during his life. He was in a very reflective mood thinking thinking about how people will look down upon as worthless and someone who never took his opportunities.
Example dream : The king in one dream linked to the dreamers realisation that he was very very ill. He had always relied on himself and now faced going into care. His rule over his own life was now over. He feared losing his own independence and the power to make his own decisions.
Example dream : A dream about a king symbolised the dreamer cutting off some friends because of some tension. He hated them wielding power over him and decided to hit back by cutting them off. This gave him the sense of power and being in control.
Example dream : A king in a dream linked to the dreamers boyfriend having notions of fame. His family were indulging his wish to become famous. The king represented the special way in which they all treated him - like a king (pandering to his every wish).
Example dream : A king dream linked to the dreamers father having just died. The king represented him becoming the new head of the family.

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