If you are kidnapped then you are forced in doing something against your will. Did you feel forced into something yesterday? Has someone been asking for help and yet they are never willing to help back.

In a different sense kidnaps may link to some aspect of your life going very very wrong. The dream captures your belief that your life seems to be drifting out of control and there is nothing that you feel completely powerless to prevent this.

KEY WORDS :pressured, everything going wrong, cruelty, extreme stress


Example dream : A dream where a child has been kidnapped took place the day after the dreamer bumped into someone who he felt an unbelievable sense of betrayal. He felt as if an unspeakable crime had been committed against him, similar to a kidnap of a child.
Example dream : Being kidnapped in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling jealous because her best friend was getting married. Being kidnapped linked to her feeling that everything was going wrong - she was losing her friend and could do nothing to stop it.
Example dream : Being kidnapped symbolised the dreamers real life stress over personal issues (symbolism - being kidnapped is very stressful).
Example dream : One dream featured kidnapping, murder and revenge. Prior to this dream the dreamer could not get to sleep for several hours. Dreams will often link to important thoughts and in this case the dreamers most important thought was "I cannot get to sleep." How can we link the symbol of kidnapping to this thought "I cannot get to sleep"? The dream not only involved kidnapping but also murders and revenge. It seemed to have everything. One association I made here with this dream and with kidnapping is "there is a lot going on" as everything seemed to be happening. Actually this association is relevant to the real life thought "I cannot get to sleep." Usually people cannot go to sleep because "there is a lot going on" in their mind. So we can see that the kidnapping and other dramatic symbols helped capture this thought "I cannot get to sleep. There was a lot going on in my mind." The metaphor was quite simple "I could not get to sleep. It's as if I had just witnessed a kidnap and murder and several other dramatic events." So the kidnapping was linked to high levels of adrenalin and excitement which was making it difficult for the dreamer to get to sleep.
Example dream : Being kidnapped linked to the dreamer having a very bad month when everything seemed to go wrong - she seemed to be a victim of events.
Example dream : Kidnapping linked to an incident the day before when the dreamer helped out someone needing help. He had a tendency to help out those needing a favour. Often he ended up helping people when he did not want to - he was pressured 'kidnapped' into doing something. At the time he really needed to concentrate on things that he needed doing for himself.
Example dream : A child being kidnapped was symbolic of the dreamers recognition of his own abusive tendencies. He was starting to realise he could be very cruel towards women. Kidnapping was therefore a symbol for abusive behaviour in general and in this dream its meaning can be translated into the word "abusive". We see the dreams wider meaning in a way in which we use the word "abusive" to describe the dreamers key feelings "I realise now how I am abusive to women" and the dreams meaning can guess at his willingness to change. The dream uses an extreme symbol to exaggerate. Poets also use extreme symbols to make a point. By choosing "kidnap" as a symbol this shows this type of feeling "I am terrible. I am so absuive. I am like a kidnapper."

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