Judge dreams can be triggered by thoughts like these.
1. SOMEONE HAVING POWER OVER YOU Criminals will tell you how frustrated they get when someone has so much power over you and can make a decision which affects your life. If you were frustrated by someone having so much power over you yesterday then your dream maybe a metaphor for that. The dream probably this type of feeling "I hate the fact that he has so much power over me there is nothing that I can do about it".
2. TRYING TO BE FAIR. Did you really try to be fair to everyone yesterday in some way. If so your dream mind is putting on the judges hat and trying to think and feel like a judge.
5. SOMEONE BEING JUDGEMENTAL Were you annoyed yesterday by someone who has a tendency to be judgemental? Are you due to meet someone who has very high standards and insists everything should be just right.
6. A COMPLETE DIFFERENCE OF OPINION. Is there some situation in your life where people are disagreeing totally? If so the judge may be a metaphor for the need to decide in someone's favour and against someone else.

The meaning given here are based upon real dreams - all of which are listed at the bottom of this page.

Try to see how a judge could apply to you. Do you think you have been abusing power in some way? Have you been favouring some people unfairly? Do you feel unfairly treated? If you can think of something specific which happened yesterday or was within your mind then maybe that has triggered your dream.

Think also of the power of a judge. Do you really hate someone having so much power over you? Can they make decisions which will really make your life a misery? Do you really dislike having power over people in making decisions over their lives? Think of questions like these - they may have triggered your dream.


Example dream : A judge in a dream linked to the dreamers marriage breaking up. The court and judge symbolised their complete difference of opinion on the divorce and the possibility that courts would be involved in the split.
Example dream : A judge in a dream linked to the dreamer just losing his job. He hated the power his employers had over him - they took his job away.
Example dream : A dream where someone was judging the dreamer was linked to her father in law saying that she did not keep the house clean and tidy. She felt as if all eyes were on her and if the slightest piece of evidence came up to support these criticisms then she felt guilty.
Example dream : A judge in a dream linked to the dreamers thought about his employers at a community centre. He had had his hours cut and was really bitter that people had the ability to affect his life in such a massive way - he loved the job he did. The judge symbolised the power that his bosses had over him and their ability to destroy his life.
Example dream : A judge of a competition in a dream was linked to something that had happened the day before. The dreamer had been reading a letter to go into his community centre newsletter which stood out. This letter had some very interesting insights yet it was the worst spelling ever. The judge in the dream symbolised the dreamer thinking over the criteria to decide which article was best.
Example dream : An unhappy judge symbolised the dreamers recognition that he was not being fair. He was allowing some people to get away with breaking the rules at the expense of others. Why would the judges be unhappy in the dream? Judges are supposed to be honest and full of integrity and so their unhappiness hints at the dreamer not being fair and honest and full of integrity. They were frowning which suggests disapproval which hints further at this meaning. Overall we can translate the "judges" in the dream into the words "honest", "fair" and "integrity" all of which were words used in this intuition "I was thinking last night how I am not being fair. I am allowing some people to break the rules whilst others cannot. I like to think of myself as being fair and honest and full of integrity. Yet when I look at my behaviour I do not meet those high standards."
Example dream : Being judged in a competition was about the dreamers thoughts about his own art. He was thinking through how to do as well as he could

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