If you can make an association with a dream then the dream maybe about that subject. Here are some associations that you can link to "IGNORE" dreams.

1. LOOKING FOR HELP AND SUPPORT. Were you in a difficult situation yesterday and needed support? Your cry for help may have spilled over into your sleep.
2. PEOPLE DON'T CARE. Were you annoyed by someone who simply did not care about your problems? Were you in a major crisis and people simply didn't care. Were you thinking about someone whose desperate plight has been overlooked.
3. SELF NEGLECT. Are you ignoring your own self neglect? Have you been thinking about someone who neglecting themselves?
4. NOT INTERESTED. Were you desperately trying not to get involved in someone else's problems yesterday?

Read through the list of associations and see if any of the themes mentioned are important in your life right now. If yes then the dream may link to that very issue.

Being ignored in a dream may symbolise something that is highly important to you but does not seem so important to others. To you it seems as if something needs to be done. Yet

Ignoring in a dream may also hint at changes in your own world. If you ignore someone then they are no longer relevant and important in their lives. It may show that you regret changes in your life. It may suggest that the person ignoring you is now part of your history - they are in the past. This may have upset you.

Ignoring people is also linked to relationships in the here and now. You may ignore someone because they scare you and you simply wish to avoid them. Just try to think of reasons why you ignore someone and see if they have a relevance right now in your thoughts. A girl might avoid an ex. The reasons behind this are complex and it could mean the exact opposite - you are trying to show that someone is not important to but actually are revealing just how important that person is and how hurt they made you feel.

SYMBOLISM "IGNORE" KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: "nobody cares about me here", "I was looking or some help and support", "she simply doesn't understand me", "I shouldn't have ignored him", "uncaring", "self neglect", "no one cares "


Example dream : Being ignored in a dream during some great crisis was probably symbolic of the dreamer looking for help and support from friends following her sisters disappearance. The dreams meaning linked to this wish for "help and support" and the dream captured this exact thought process "I cannot believe my sister has run away. I have been looking to my friends for help and support but they have not been much use."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer ignores a policeman took place the day after the dreamer had ignored someone in authority the day before.
Example dream : The dreamer felt that his talents were being ignored in real life, his dream about being ignored simply focused on that exact same feeling of being ignored. The day before this feeling of resentment had been particularly strong.
Example dream : Being ignored in a dream (by her old boss linked to the fact this was now part of her past). She had moved on to a new job and was regretting it. The dream maybe hinted at this type of feeling "people really cared about me at my old job unlike in my new job. I don't mean anything to my new coworkers."
Example dream : Her husband ignoring in a dream linked to the huge angry mood the dreamer had got into and the feelings which would not go away all day. Perhaps this dream was quite literal in that she says in the dream "I was mad at him for not doing anything to find out what happened." So the symbolism of ignore was linked to her husband not supporting her and helping her over her huge mood. He had just ignored her distress!
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers sister ignores her concerns linked to her sisters inability to get along with and understand the dreamer. They both wanted different things from life so they tended to clash. Her sister didn't really understand her.
Example dream : The dreamers boyfriend ignoring her after she had just had a car crash was caused by the dreamers belief that her boyfriend was uncaring. They had been having major problems recently. The dream creates a storyline which pinpoints the dreamers key feeling "If I was in car crash he wouldn't care less." The story is just a vehicle to express this feeling. It creates a situation in which a caring boyfriend would obviously be frantic with worry yet her boyfriend doesn't seem bothered. "Ignoring" is associated with feelings "not bothered" and "doesn't care" both are relevant in her real life situation.
Example dream : Ignoring something in dream linked to the dreamers self neglect. She was ignoring her own health problems
Example dream : Being ignored when bitten by a rat symbolised the dreamers wish that more could be done for the poor. She had visited a shelter the day before and was shocked by the poverty. She didn't realise how poor people could be - she felt that more could be done but people did not care.

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