What does it mean if something is huge in a dream? Often huge buildings and things show that your thoughts and behaviour are highly influenced by other people right now. A ordinary sized house will be about you assessing your own personality and seeing how you are changing as time goes by. Huge houses tend link to ways in which your personality is being influenced and pressured to change in certain ways. So if someone is trying to encourage you then that's possibly linked to the dreams meaning. If you are looking for encouragement but not getting it then the same meaning applies. Often then huge things in dreams are about how the world is impacting upon you and forcing you to change. Alternatively huge things in dreams may show that you have been trying to change others.


Example dream : A huge stadium dream took place at a time when the dreamer was worried about being associated with some people he thought were not respectable
Example dream : A huge country house dream took place as someone was asking personal questions - he was the type of personality that did not like to talk openly
Example dream : A tsunami symbolised how the dreamer had been overwhelmed two days before. The huge nature of the wave symbolised the extent of the effects this incident had on the dreamer.
Example dream : A huge wave dream symbolised the huge problems that were affecting the dreamers sister
Example dream : A huge snake symbolised the dreamers worries about her fiance cheating
Example dream : A huge lake dream took place as the dreamer realised that other women were attracted to the man that she was attracted to
Example dream : A huge wave dream followed on from some difficult problems with her boyfriend caused by his wife
Example dream : A huge mansion dream took place as the dreamer decided to be more forceful with a woman
Example dream : Climbing a huge hill symbolised the dreamers determination to get healthier despite huge health problems
Example dream : A huge house dream symbolised the dreamers feelings that she was trapped in a problem
Example dream : A huge mansion dream took place while the dreamer was feeling unwanted and rejected by those around him
Example dream : A huge hill symbolised the huge challenges that the dreamer was engaged in.
Example dream : A huge fall symbolised the massive impact failure to take advantage of opportunities would have on the dreamer
Example dream : A huge wave represented the dreamers dilemma as he pursue his Hollywood career or stay close too his mom. He feared he would lose touch with her
Example dream : huge in a dream represented the extent of a dreamers worries about an issue. He was worried that a complaint against someone would result in a huge backlash
Example dream : A huge fallen gum tree symbolised the changes that would soon be forced upon the dreamer as she would have to move home. Her house has some gum tress at the back. The fallen tree symbolises the loss of this house
Example dream : A huge public toilet dream happened just after some very intrusive building work. The dreamer did not like his home invaded
Example dream : A Huge building dream linked to the dreamers wish to overcome his phobias.
Example dream : a huge black snake symbolised the dark life her mother led as she could barely walk

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