Houses have long been thought to be symbols of the self. In a practical sense that can mean that you have been thinking thoughts like "I acted in a way I do not normally behave yesterday", or "Why did I do that?",or "they keep telling me that I need to ...",or "I do not think I have ever got over that".

Houses can also be linked to our health. So if you have a run down house then that could be a symbol for feeling tired and exhausted. In such a case you are probably thinking over what has caused your tiredness. You may also be wondering when you might recover. Houses then are often dreams where we monitor our own health.

A house is also a symbol of the 'home' and 'homeliness'. Try to see how homes and homeliness have featured in your feelings. Has your home been especially happy recently? Did you feel really cosy yesterday whilst visiting someone elses house?

However, a house is also quite a literal symbol. You maybe thinking about moving? You maybe stayed at someone else's house last night in which case the dream was about that experience (about their home and their personality and how you got along with them).

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you been thinking about the state of your own health?
- Have you been thinking a lot about your own future?
- Have you been thinking about life generally and how its been going recently?

KEY WORDS : My behavior, my future, my health, my habits(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I acted in a way I do not normally behave yesterday"
- "why did I do that?"
- "I have been thinking about my health"
- "they keep telling me that I need to ..."
- "I want to prove how much I can do this"
- "This is just not good for him"
- "I do not think I have ever got over that"
- "I am trying to think of my future"
- "I have been thinking over my approach to it"


Example dream : A house dream took place when the dreamer was trying to avoid getting found out for avoiding a task at work
Example dream : Being in someone else's house actually represented reality as the dreamer had been in someone else's house over the weekend
Example dream : A dream of moving out of a house symbolised the dreamers wish to escape from her neighbour who had just sent her a very lewd voice mail
Example dream : A house dream occurred just after the dreamer was linked to the dreamer thinking over how he should approach a woman he was friends with and also had sexual feelings for
Example dream : A dream about a house that Carl Jung had was linked to his thoughts about structure the mind. The different floors were metaphors for the layers of the mind. This house dream was crucial in the development of his thinking.
Example dream : A house dream occurred as the dreamer was thinking about his need to be more open towards people.
Example dream : A dream about a house survey linked to the dreamer thinking about her health and ability to work. The house represented her own body and health - the survey symbolised her own thoughts about her own situation.
Example dream : A poor house was a symbol of the dreamers own poor health which she had been thinking about a great deal.
Example dream : A huge house dream symbolised the dreamers feelings that she was trapped in a problem
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers house was about her son who had just moved back in causing the dreamer grief. So at that time the dreamers home was quite different.
Example dream : A dream about a house took place as the dreamer was thinking about his own fears and phobias. The house therefore represented 'the self'.
Example dream : A new house dream was linked to the dreamers sister getting her to think in new ways about her life.
Example dream : A house in a dream symbolised a friends house - the dreamer would soon be looking after this house whilst his friend was on a long holiday.
Example dream : A house dream symbolised the dreamers thoughts about himself. He realised that he was a good worker yet on the other side that he was not able to relax very easily. The house dream was linked to him wondering how he would cope when his project was finished.
Example dream : a cold and lonely house dream followed on from a day when the dreamer had been thinking about his health and his chances of finding a woman he was attracted to
Example dream : A house dream linked to the dreamers need to deal with health problems which seemed to be permanent.
Example dream : A house falling down dream symbolised the dreamers bad back
Example dream : A nice house was symbolic of the dreamers wish to live in a respectable way and also of his clash with someone the day before who allowed their dog to defecate outside his house.
Example dream : Electrics in a house stopping working linked the dreamers realisations that problems with a woman had caused him to be very depressed. He had simply stopped functioning. The house falling to bits was a symbol for himself and his own worsening ill health. Overall the "house" in the dream could be translated into the word "myself" and "my health" which appeared in this context "I am falling to bits. I tried to sort things out but she has left me hanging. It is affecting my health."
Example dream : A house dream symbolised the dreamers own predominate mood at the time - she was uninspired

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