It has been established that house dreams can symbolise issues regarding your own personality. Public buildings will tend to about you and other people. It could be that you are trying to influence or encourage someone. It could be that someone is trying to influence or encourage you. So hotel dreams are about how your personality has been altered and impacted by people around you. So look for ways in which the world around you has been changing you as a person. How your personality has had to adapt.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Was someone especially helpful and friendly yesterday?
- Are you homeless at the moment?

KEY WORDS : Helpful, support , encouragement, homeless

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I got some really good help from ..."
- "she was really very helpful"
- "they want me to sort everything out for them!"
- "I am really not getting the support and encouragement I need"
- "I have no real home right now"
- "its not mine I am just a guest here"


Example dream : A hotel dream was thought to relate to an issue with someone on line asking too many questions. The dreamer liked to keep himself to himself
Example dream : A hotel symbolised the dreamers public participation on an internet forum. The night before someone had made a very personal comment.
Example dream : A dream in a hotel room took place as the dreamer had just walked out on her husband. The hotel was symbolic of her leaving her home after walking out on her husband. Obviously if you leave your husband then going to a hotel is the type of thing you might do temporarily.
Example dream : A hotel dream followed on from a day when the dreamer was thinking about the congregation at a funeral. She was worried that they all would die if they continued their wild lifestyles
Example dream : A high rise luxury hotel symbolised the dreamers wish for help and encouragement from those around her so she could achieve what she needed to.
Example dream : A fancy hotel was symbolic of someone really helping the dreamer. He had received some help from someone who showed him exactly how to use the computer system. The hotel was symbolic of things being done for you.
Example dream : A guest house dream was linked to an little moment the day before when a shop assistant was really nice to the dreamer. The guest house was symbolic of this nice friendly attitude.
Example dream : A luxurious hotel dream linked to the dreamer wanting more support and attention from those around her.
Example dream : A hotel manager dream linked to the dreamer having to look after her sick mother and also her husband who was sick. It was becoming a big burden. The hotel manager was symbolic of her having to look after others.
Example dream : A hotel dream was linked to the dreamer being pressurized to sort out all her families problems. The hotel was symbolic of her feeling little better than a hotel employee - at the beck and call of her family without any gratitude.
Example dream : A dream about a hotel took place when the dreamer was sick of her husband and son taking advantage of her. The hotel was symbolic of them treating her little better than you would hotel staff.
Example dream : Waking up in a hotel was symbolic of the dreamers husband being unemployed - they had no home at the time.
Example dream : A hotel dream linked to the dreamer thinking about her ex. He had just cast her aside - she had just been a temporary plaything.
Example dream : A very posh hotel dream linked to the dreamer breaking a locker the day before. She was worried that people would think that she was breaking in. The hotel was symbolic of you being in someone else's property and having to treat things properly.
Example dream : A dream of a posh hotel was linked to the dreamer thinking about a woman he was attracted to. He knew everything was too complicated and had gone off the idea. The posh hotel was symbolic of the dreamers life becoming entwined with other people.
Example dream : A countryside hotel took place as the dreamer was thinking about a girl. He felt that she was asking too many questions. He was wanting to distance himself from her. The hotel was symbolic of him coming into contact with someone on an internet forum which they both treated like home.
Example dream : A huge hotel dream linked to the dreamer being very personally criticised on an internet forum. He felt very much at home here and it was a bit of a shock to be criticised in this way. The hotel was symbolic of his relationship with the forum. This was not his forum - he often posted on her and felt very much at home. Yet he was just a guest and just like everybody else.

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