Gays are often not an easy symbol to understand. They have many and varied meanings. It can link to some recent thoughts or feelings about gay people. It may on the other hand link to a feeling that you are on the margins of society just like gay people. It can have other meanings though. It can symbolise a relationship with someone of the opposite sex whom you would never consider in a sexual way.

KEY WORDS : Marginalised, flamboyancy, camp, is he gay?, outrageous, alternative cultures, outcast, persecuted, not fitting in

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "He has been marginalised"
- "I like being outrageous"
- "They are all over the top and outrageous"
- "It is like I am a total outcast"

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you become totally marginalised?
- Did you meet someone who was outrageous and flamboyant?
- Were you thinking about gay people in any way yesterday?


Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was gay (in real life he is straight) linked to the dreamers dislike of a girl who seemed to be a bit obsessive towards him. Appearing as homosexual was maybe something he might have done in real life - appearing gay would put off this girl whom he was not attracted to at all.
Example dream : Gay in a dream was probably linked to a conversation that the dreamer had the day before. He found out that a friend was gay and remembered how his friend had used the word gay to describe him. He wondered if this friend was finding it difficult to accept his sexuality. Gay therefore was a literal symbol - the dreamer had been thinking about someone who might be gay.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was touching a gay man linked to the dreamer mixing with a group of men the previous evening who were all talking in an openly homophobic and racist way. He joined in but felt guilty about it afterwards. The dream symbolised his regrets about acting in a homophobic way.
Example dream : A dream where I was kissing a guy (the dreamer was male himself) linked to him having a talk with a friend the night before. The lesbian symbolised his friend sharing every intimate detail of his love life. The homosexual symbolised another man sharing every detail of his personal emotions with him.
Example dream : A dream about a homosexual man linked to the dreamers thoughts about a girl he did not fancy. He was irritated by her attempts to get close to him. The homosexual man symbolised his complete lack of interest in this woman - after all if he was gay he would never show any interest in her.
Example dream : A dream about lesbians linked to the dreamer having an argument with his neighours the day before. He felt isolated and persecuted - just like lesbians who live on the margins of society.
Example dream : A 'friends with a lesbian' dream linked to the dreamer thinking about something his father had said. He mentioned his old school as if he had had a great time there. The reality was though that he was totally marginalised - pushed to the sides like lesbians and others who just do not fit in.
Example dream : A dream about a homosexual friend linked to the dreamer getting a phone call from a 'hippy' friend. The homosexual was a symbol of his hippy friend - gay culture and hippy culture has a lot in common.

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