A dream about your home maybe symbolic of your home-life. Have things been exceptionally happy at home recently? Are you thinking about possible changes at home? Are you thinking of moving home? Your dream could be a symbolic version of your thoughts about your home life.

Dreams about your home can also be about you generally. So think of ways in which you have been thinking about yourself. Have you had any illnesses which are affecting your life a great deal? Did you think about how well or badly you did something yesterday? Have you been changing a lot as a person recently? Have you been thinking about your moods?

KEY WORDS : feeling of belonging, supportive, comfortable doing something, thinking about yourself, personality dreams


Example dream : Wanting to feel at home was a symbolic of the dreamers wish for a happy home. He had cut himself off from people and wanted to be just happy on his own so home had become much more important to him. The dreams meaning involved this theme of a "happy home" and linked to this exact thought process "I have to have a happy home life - I have cut myself off from everyone and left myself without any options"
Example dream : A town invaded symbolised the dreamers irritations with her boyfriend. It was quite homely before he started saying stupid things
Example dream : A castle tower which had a homely feel to it linked to the dreamers wish to have a happier and friendlier relationship with her partners family. They were very controlling.
Example dream : Snakes in the dreamers home linked to the dreamers son getting involved in a very volatile relationship. The home was a symbol of these problems within the dreamers family.
Example dream : Rats appearing in the dreamers home linked to the dreamer thinking of going back to her boyfriend who was suffering from depression. The 'home' in the dream symbolised her thoughts about her home life if she got back together with her boyfriend.
Example dream : A dream with a house is very homely linked to the dreamers thoughts about moving in with her boyfriend. A nice homely house symbolised her wish to make a happy home with her boyfriend.
Example dream : A real fire burning in a nice warm home was a symbol for the dreamers much more settled state of mind and the group of warm and friendly people he was making friends with.
Example dream : a home symbolised the dreamers own personality and wish to think in new ways. She had been changing a lot recently
Example dream : A home dream linked to some happy recent times with the dreamer as he had struck up a new friendship
Example dream : references to 'home' and 'leaving' linked to the dreamers wish to pursue his career in entertainment yet also his wish to stay close to his mom. He couldn't do both.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers childhood home took place whilst the dreamer was homeless. The childhood home was symbolic of the importance of the home and family to the dreamer during a period when she was homeless.
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamers home is destroyed was linked to divorce he was going through. His home and life was being slowly destroyed by the break up.
Example dream : In one dream a character from the TV soap "Home and away" appeared. In real life the dreamer was due to visit a community centre which he used to think of as a "second home."
Example dream : A home dream took place as the dreamer was thinking how he had been in a better mood recently
Example dream : A dream about a convenience store which was the dreamers current home was symbolic of some thoughts the dreamer was having about her current home. She was worried about the high crime rate in their area but was attached to the area and had lots of friends there.
Example dream : A dream about an unwelcoming home took place as the dreamer felt let down by a friend whom he trusted completely. The home was a symbol of his former belief and trust in someone. He got a homely feeling whilst around this person as he treated her like family. The dreams meaning featured this theme of "trusting and believing in someone" and the dreams meaning was summed up by this feeling "I totally trusted her yet I now feel let down. I am now in a very cynical mood. I treated her like family but she failed me."
Example dream : Intruders in your house symbolised the dreamers fears that he was getting really ill and would have to be taken into care. He realised this would be much more intrusive - he was used to his own independence and if he was taken into care he would lose all of this.
Example dream : A dream about a nice warm igloo took place as the dreamer was very depressed and was starting to cut himself off from the world. His warm igloo was a symbol of his attempts to make his home life happy even though he spent most of his time on his own.

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