Heights is often a symbol for something that you find difficult to do. Are you scared to do something almost to the point of phobia? You have probably been thinking about something that you really want but which you find difficult? It could mean that you are starting to cope with situations that you used to find difficult? That you now feel reassured and more confident.

KEY WORDS : anxiety, phobia, could end up going wrong!, lacking confidence, intimidated, out of depth, nervous, fear, rejection(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)


Example dream : A dream of falling from a great height took place after the dreamer was confronted by a girl who said the dreamer had been talking about her. The heights were therefore a symbol of his fears that this situation could only end up badly. So the dreams meaning featured this theme of a "bad ending" and captured this exact thought process "I can only see this ending up badly. She was really confrontational and I really do not want to bump into her again."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer feels petrified of heights linked to a situation the previous day when he felt overcome with anxiety. The dream was using one kind of extreme anxiety to describe his feelings during an anxiety attack. The metaphor is simple as the dream caught this feeling "Going into that social club and meeting those people made me feel as nervous as I feel with heights." The dreamer felt paralysed and sick when he suffered from heights.
Example dream : working on a rooftop when scared of heights symbolised the fear of doing something the day before. The dreamer was in a place where he might meet a friend he was trying to avoid. The dream simply mirrored that same feeling of fear from the day before.
Example dream : A fear of heights on a tall building symbolised the dreamers lack of confidence with a woman he was attracted to.
Example dream : Being scared of heights linked to the dreamers lack of confidence but a realisation of how her boyfriend had helped reassure her and build her confidence. So we can translate the symbolic meaning of heights into the word "scared" and we see how the dream captures this feeling "I am often lacking confidence but my new boyfriend reassures me when I feel scared." Notice how the dream features this symbolism in quite a complex way.
Example dream : Heights symbolised the dreamers nervousness - he felt that he would soon become recognised for his writing achievements. He was not happy in the limelight and felt very nervous speaking publicly
Example dream : A fear of heights in a dream linked to a similar huge fear in real life as the dreamer was going on what seemed like a date the next day. This was making the dreamer nervous because he was not used to going on dates any more and the girl was much younger than him.
Example dream : A dream about being scared of heights was linked to the dreamers extreme anxiety disorder. In certain situations (where he felt out of his depth and intimidated by people who were more capable or confident than him) he felt a similar sense of continuous fear as in the dream.
Example dream : A dream at the top of a building was linked to the dreamers wish to apply for a job higher up in her workplace. The heights symbolised her wish to progress to the top - but the precarious situation there was symbolic of her belief that she would be rejected for this position.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer fears stairs which were high up linked to the dreamers other chronic phobias. One phobia or fear is often a symbol for another fear. The fear in the dream was ridiculous and so the dream maybe catches this type of thought "I know that my phobias are getting out of hand. I took the lift because I might have bumped into someone and had to talk to them. I hate talking to people."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was scared of huge heights linked to his lack of confidence since he broke up with his girlfriend. He felt intimidated by lots of everyday tasks and was on the verge of falling to bits. The dream just uses one chronic fear to represent his lack of confidence.
Example dream : A dream about being scared of heights linked to the dreamers confidence problems and depression.
Example dream : Great heights in one skateboarding dream linked to the dreamers wish to overcome his severe lack of confidence. He woke up with a new attitude and was daring himself to overcome his social phobias
Example dream : Extreme heights was a symbol for the dreamers constant anxiety and mental illness. She suffered from extreme phobias and did not like mixing with people who were at all confident.
Example dream : A dream where surfers were jumping from a great height took place the night after the dreamers lack of daring and social skills was highlighted. The fear of heights was a simple metaphor for the dreamers other chronic fears.
Example dream : Heights in a dream linked to the dreamers lack of confidence in life. He suffered terrible health problems often felt unable to meet people on account of his lack of confidence.
Example dream : A hanging from great heights dream was linked to the dreamer feeling out of his depth the day before

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