Ghosts can symbolise people who are just a shadow of their former selves. They seem the same person but in some way the magic has gone. They just seem as if they are going through the motions.

Ghosts and hauntings may simply represent an eerie feeling in real life. Either someone or something creeps you out. Maybe something is not quite right.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Was there a moment the day before that sent a real shiver down your spine?
- Do you feel ignored in some way?
- Is something lacking or missing? Does something feel as if its not how it used to be?

KEY WORDS :Eerie feeling(yesterday), ineffective, ignored, not happening, not the same(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the new thoughts and feelings you have been clarifying in your mind) :
- "its not the same as it used to be"
- "Its not happening any more"
- "a really eerie feeling yesterday"
- "I feel inneffective"
- "I feel as if I am totally ignored"


Example dream : Sensing a spirit in a room linked to the dreamers worries about seeking new accommodation. When we have to move we immediately fear that we might end up somewhere were we sense something wrong - this is what the strange eerie feeling in the dream symbolised. The dreams meaning featured this "eerie feeling" in the following context "I was told I will have to move out. I am all in confusion and do not know what will happen to me. I imagine I will end up with some real creepy weirdo's. It will be like some horror story."
Example dream : An eerie ghost in a house was symbolic of the dreamers worries about her inability to apply herself to her studies. The ghost represented this worry that was lurking at the back of the dreamers mind.
Example dream : Being engulfed by ghosts and spirits was symbolic of the dreamers depressive moods. He had a tendency to let his past haunt him.
Example dream : In one dream someone senses a ghost inside the dreamer. In real life the dreamer was attending group sessions for people with alcohol problems. The ghost inside the dreamer hints at the dreamers deeper and darker past. A ghost inside him was the dreams way of saying "he is haunted by his difficult past". The ghost also says som ething about his fellow patients who were able to make an almost psychic connection and sense things at a deeper level because they had suffered similar traumas.
Example dream : An eerie ghost dream was triggered by a very eerie feeling the night before - the dreamer saw a man carried into an ambulance. The dreamer could not stop thinking about it as the man looked like someone worked with.
Example dream : A ghost dream was linked to the dreamer breaking off his friendship with someone. It was very awkward when they were around each other - his friend must have felt his presence and it maybe unnerved him.
Example dream : A dream of a ghost linked to the dreamer watching TV reports of Hurricane Katrina the night before. The ghost symbolised the cold eerie feeling which went through the dreamers mind and the thoughts of all the people who died in this disaster.
Example dream : A dream about a ghost ship linked to the dreamer missing his ex girlfriend. He was trying to do all the same things as before but she was missing and it did not seem the same.
Example dream : A ghost dream linked to the dreamer never getting to see her boyfriend because he lived in another state. The ghost symbolised the fact that the relationship was not really happening at all.
Example dream : A ghost dream linked to the dreamer having a strong vision of how he wanted things but yet things did not seem to be working out the way they should be. His plans were simply not working.
Example dream : A ghost dream linked to the dreamer wanting to do more at work. He tried really hard yet sometimes he went unnoticed at his new job. The ghost symbolised his ineffectiveness - he may as well not have been there.
Example dream : A ghost dream linked to the dreamers boyfriend asserting himself over her. Sometimes was just completely ignored as if she was not even there.
Example dream : A dream about a man dying and haunting the dream linked to the dreamers boss. He would soon be leaving. The ghost symbolised her feelings about him - he was still the boss but in some ways he was already gone.

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