What have you got to feel guilty about? Has someone just been punished because you said something? Have you recently been acting in a wild way? Do you feel as if you need to do more to help someone?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Do you need to try harder in some way?
- Do you need to act more responsibly?
- Do you realise that you could do so much better?
- Have you been annoyed by something that you know to be wrong ?

- Right or wrong
- accepting responsibility
- realising what you have done
- laziness
- over reacting
- knowing you care

KEY PHRASES(Try to construct sentences which feature the key words above and which also pinpoint key feelings right now) :
- "I have got to be more responsible"
- "I should make more of an effort"
- "I am just starting to realise what I am doing"
- "I am been told I need to try harder"
- "I know I could do a lot more"
- "I know its wrong"
- "many people think its not right"


Example dream : Feeling guilty about hitting a cat symbolised the dreamers guilt about reporting a man to the police for shouting at him in the park. He was worried that he had over reacted (and was feeling guilty because of it)
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer feels very guilty was linked to the dreamers conversation with his father the day before. His father told him that he should ahve made more of himself in life. The dreamer resented this because he had terrible disabilities which held him back in life and stopped him living life normally. He had facial disfigurements which made him feel like a freak. Overall the dream linked to this feeling "My father said I should have made more of my life. I know I should have tried harder but I have terrible facial disfigurements which make me feel like a freak. I do feel guilty for not making more of my life but I resent him telling me that."
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer feels guilty for having hated his ex boss. In real life the dreamer had been extremely bitter towards his ex boss but just recently he had been wondering if he had lost his job himself. Feeling guilty in the dream linked to this exact thought "I have been wishing the worst upon him yet now it has actually happened I feel ashamed and guilty for being so bitter."
Example dream : The guilt and shame in a dream symbolised the dreamers own recognition of how she had gone off the rails. She was thinking of how she would have felt if her father had still been alive to see how badly she had behaved. He would have made her thik about what she was doing - she lacked his guidance and understanding.
Example dream : A dream about feeling guilty linked to the dreamer realising that she had to slow down and be more responsible. She had a car accident recently and her mother was watching her all the time.
Example dream : A dream about feeling guilty linked to the dreamer realising that she needed to snap out of her moods. She had children to look after and need to accept her responsibility to them.
Example dream : A dream about feeling guilty linked to the dreamers mom and dad splitting up. She realised that she needed to spend more time with her dad who she hadn't seen for ages.
Example dream : Feeling guilt in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling that she should contact her relatives in the countryside since she had not spoken to them for a very long time.
Example dream : A dream about feeling guilty linked to the dreamer feeling guilty about smoking because her boyfriend was trying to give up.
Example dream : A dream about feeling guilty linked to the dreamer having a younger boyfriend (he was 15 and she was 20). She has not felt guilty about it but was wondering what would happen if someone made it an issue.
Example dream : A dream about feeling guilty linked to the dreamer being in contact with her ex boyfriend. She knew that she had to put a stop to this immediately because she had a husband and young children whom she loved very much.

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