Guards are not easy symbols to explain in full. They have several usages. The word guard is often used in several ways and that's the same case with guards in dreams. Guards can symbolise protection of the weak. But they also refer to your need to control your own worst tendencies - be on your guard. Often we act in reckless or irresponsible ways. Guards may symbolise the need to spot the signs.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Has someone been trying to over protect you?
- Have you been a little reckless recently and need to be more on your guard?
- Did you feel unprotected and vulnerable in some way yesterday?

KEY WORDS : Careful, reckless, overprotect(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I have got to be careful or I will ..."
- "I behaved recklessly"
- "things got serious for me"
- "he didn't support me at all"
- "they will overprotect me"
- "feeling undervalued"


Example dream : Using a friend to hide behind and protect you symbolised the dreamers wish for support from that friend. The dreamer had wanted her friend to support her the day before when she was talking about something but got a confusing reply.
Example dream : A dream about a friend surrounded by guards took place as this friend was not behaving normally - he had suddenly become very politically conscious and set up a human rights group. The dreamer sensed that this was a bad sign - you could not talk to him - he was blocking people out (he was very defensive and on his guard).
Example dream : Being guarded in a dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about work. He was trying to emphasise how he was restricted (hence he was guarded in the dream).
Example dream : A prison guard symbolised the dreamers feelings that he was stuck with his stockbroker. The night before he was thinking he needed a change.
Example dream : Security guards in a dream linked to the dreamer being falsely accused of pestering a woman. He was trying to avoid contact with her in case this could be misinterpreted. The guard was symbolic of the feeling that he was being watched in case he did anything wrong.
Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer hides behind a friend who is a guard linked to the dreamers thoughts about that friend. She had had a dispute at school the day before but her friend offered her no support whatsoever. The guard was symbolic of her feeling that her friend should have protected and defended her.
Example dream : A dream where a security guard wanders off linked to the dreamer thinking about his family. He thought that they were good at protecting him but also thought that they could not be there all the time. So he was now thinking that he should stick up for himself. The guards wandering off were symbolic of the worry that his family would not be there to protect him.
Example dream : A dream where a soldier guards a hangar linked to the dreamer realising that he had to guard against going totally crazy. He had become unemployed and was on the verge of losing it.
Example dream : Being arrested by a guard was symbolic of her need to respect and fear her boss. He had just fired someone the day before and she needed to stop taking liberties with him. The guard was symbolic of the need to respect authority and fear the consequences of breaking rules at work.
Example dream : A guards on a fortress wall dream linked to the dreamer feeling undervalued and defensive.
Example dream : A dream with her friend surrounded by three guards linked to the dreamers friend suddenly becoming very political. He was talking about human rights and the dreamer could not talk to him properly. The guards symbolised the defensive wall he was putting up - she sensed that something was wrong with him.

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