DREAM DICTIONARY - Frustration :

Frustration is a word in the English language and simply put it will link to any way you would use that word in daily life. It may link to things that simply frustrate you or hold you back. It may also link to some thoughts about your ability to handle and overcome problems.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you been trying to get something moving but had had little response from those around you?
- What annoying problems have you had recently?
- Do you feel unable to achieve your full potential in some way right now?
- Has someone been helping you with your own troubles?
- Who really annoyed you yesterday?
- Do you feel bored at the moment?

KEY WORDS : Annoying, lack of interest, overcoming, challenging, obstacles

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "No One wants to help"
- "I am unhappy with the situation but its pointless complaining"
- "She is really annoying and will not go away"
- "It was really frustrating yesterday"
- "If I try to frustrate him then he may simply give up"
- "If he gets frustrated then he tends to give up"
- "I want to try something more challenging"
- "I feel like I am been held back"
- "He really helps me overcome problems"
- "I am just worried that his frustration will cause trouble. He is about to explode"


Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was frustrated simply replayed the recent reality of their relationship - she had been very frustrated with him and was ready to break up with him.
Example dream : A dream about feeling frustrated took place at the same time as the dreamer had been feeling similar feelings of frustration in real life. He had started a new job and each time he felt he had got to grips with what he had to do then some new aspect of his job emerged.
Example dream : A frustration that no one was helping linked to the dreamer having to help her sick mother and her husband as they battled against illnesses. She felt that she was taking on too much - frustration symbolised her feelings that she could not cope and that others were not helping out.
Example dream : A dream frustrated with a telephone linked to the dreamer being frustrated trying to organise a meeting the day before.
Example dream : Feeling frustrated in a dream linked to the dreamer enjoying a subject at school yet getting bad grades in it. The frustration captured his real life frustration that he was not doing well at something that he clearly enjoyed.
Example dream : A frustration dream linked to the dreamers husbands ex turning up and causing trouble. Frustration linked to this real life source of troubles.
Example dream : A frustration dream linked to the dreamers sister in law turning up wanting money. Frustration was symbolic of this real life problem which was causing her to be frustrated and annoyed.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers son is frustrated linked to her son wanting new trainers all the time. Not providing these was obviously causing him frustration. She was thinking about her sons frustration.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers son got frustrated linked to an incident the day before when he was frustrated. She had been helping him with his homework but it was too difficult for him so he gave up. The frustration in the dream was symbolic of her wish to understand her sons frustration the night before.
Example dream : A dream where a friend helps the dreamer through a frustrating situation linked to her appreciating his help with problems which were causing her to be frustrated.
Example dream : A frustration dream symbolised the dreamers frustration at health problems which were holding him back in life.
Example dream : A dream about scattering ants in frustration linked to the dreamer wanting to follow her own career path. Her mother wanted her to be more conventional and was trying to hold her back. Frustration in the dream symbolised her own frustration because she could not follow the career path of her choice.
Example dream : A dream about a guy who is attracted to the dreamer is frustrated with her linked her thoughts about him. She was married so did not intend to have an affair with him. But she was worried that he may cause trouble with her husband. The frustration symbolised her fears about his frustration causing her problems in her marriage.

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