Falling is symbolic of problems - its a metaphor . We say things like - "He is in for a fall!" "The price is falling". It can be used to express all kinds of feelings and its usage in dreams is pretty much the same as in ordinary language. Think of little connections. Has someone confidence been dented? Has someones 'value' in decline? Is someone not as effective as they used to be? Is someone upset emotionally? Has someone power been dislodged?

Falling dreams can also be linked to our feelings. If someone falls then how would you react? If you help it proves courage (which maybe something important to you right now)? Saving someone may show that the person is important to you?

KEY WORDS : failure, a bad outcome, eveything is going wrong, deteriorating, negative changes, defeat, break up with boyfriend, insecurities, worries, lacking confidence, vulnerability(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)


Example dream : A dream where the dreamer falls to the floor gasping for breath took place as the dreamer had just found out that her flat mate was moving out and this would mean that she would have to move out too. Understanding this portion of the dream is easy as it just mirrors how she felt when she found out that she was going to have to find somewhere else to live she was shocked and felt as if she might fall to the floor gasping for breath. So falling was symbolic of her shock at this sudden bad news.
Example dream : Her friend falling linked to the dreamer talking to that same person the day before. Falling symbolised her friends recent misfortune. We even use the phrase "he is in for a fall" to describe misfortune. So we can actually translate the symbol "fall" into the word "misfortune" and this has obvious relevance in the dreamers feelings e.g. "My friend has had a lot of misfortune recently". If you get the dreamer to add to her feelings then you will probably understand the dreams meaning eg "My friend has suffered lots of misfortune. I realised this yesterday and have been trying to help and support her."
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers grandmother falling was linked to some real worries about his grandmother. The dreamer had been realising how frail his grandmother was and how she was getting very old. The dream was reminding him of this recent change and captured this type of feeling "My grandmother is getting old and frail". The dream maybe also caught this feeling "My grandmother is getting to that stage in life where old people fall over on a regular basis and take a long time to recover." Such dreams help prepare us emotionally for these changes and in this case may be prepare the dreamer for the possible death of his grandmother.
Example dream : A plane falling symbolised the real problems the dreamer was having with her brother and the fear that things could get even worse. The symbolic meaning is easy to understand in such cases, just think of obvious feelinsg that you associate with a plane falling such as "in trouble" or "things are about to get much worse". It is actually these feelings that a dream is portraying. These are much more relevant to day to day life. If a dreamer thinks of a plane falling then they say "why would I have I see a plane falling in my dream as I am not due to fly on a plane". Alternatively, if you translate the plane falling into a meaningful feeling which you associate with a plane falling such as "in trouble" then its much easier to see their relevance in day to day life. In this case the dreamer was thinking "I have been having a real dispute with my brother. He has kept pushing me and finally it ended badly. I always say in life that 'it hasn't ended until it ends badly'". So like the plane in the dreamers relationship with his brother was "in trouble" and about to crash.
Example dream : Her son falling into water represented the dreamers deep thoughts about her husbands ability as a father - she thought he was not as good with her son as he could have been. How good would he be in a crisis?
Example dream : In one dream the girl that was the dreamer was increasingly attracted to in real life falls off a church roof and is saved by the dreamer. Falling was linked to feelings like "I would be there for her if needed".
Example dream : A dream of falling but surviving took place whilst the dreamer was training for the Territorial Army. Falling was a symbol of the need to cope with dangerous and life threatening situations which is part of being in the army.
Example dream : A dream about a fallen tree took place as the deamer was thinking about his need to move due to increasing health problems. The fallen tree was the same gum tree as that in his back garden. The fallen tree was symbolic of these major changes for the worse.
Example dream : A witch falling symbolised the dreamers wish to overcome his own health problems
Example dream : In one dream the girl the dreamer was becoming attracted to in real life falls off the roof. The dreamer saves her by catching her. The dream was a symbol of his willingness to help her if she did get into difficulty. (if she falls then I will catch her)

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