Try to see how fear has appeared in your thoughts. Did someone really scare you yesterday? Are things going badly wrong in general? Were you really shocked by something happening suddenly yesterday? Is there some on going crisis or illness that could result in bad news? Have you been suffering from a real lack of confidence recently? Have you been acting in a risky way recently which could result in real problems if things go wrong?


Example dream : Shivering with fear while being executed symbolised the dreamers fear that he could die at any time - someone he knew had just died very unexpectedly the day before. So a fear was symbolic of something which had freaked the dreamer out the day before. (symbolism - one fear can be a symbol for any other fear which looms in your mind right now)
Example dream : A dream with intense fears represented the dreamers worries about her daughter who was incandescent with rage the day before. The fear in the dream was therefore caused by her daughters disturbing behaviour the day before.
Example dream : A fear of heights on a tall building symbolised the dreamers lack of confidence with a woman he was attracted to.
Example dream : The continual fear and relief in a dream symbolised the dreamers worries and concerns about her father who had cancer. She was continually looking for good signs and worrying about more bad news. The fear in the dream was therefore a symbol of the dreamers worries about her fathers health.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is a shark causing people fear was linked to the dreamers ruthless behaviour at work. She was forced to turn on others who had made accusations against her.
Example dream : A dream of being falsely detained by police was a literal fear of the dreamer. He had been stopped and searched by racist cops who applied laws inconsistently.
Example dream : Being frightened in a dream linked to the dreamers fear that her mother would stay in Japan - she had just gone there on holiday and someone had said that she intended to stay. Fear in this dream then was linked to a disturbing rumour which the dreamer had heard.
Example dream : The fear linked to the dreamer engaging in homosexual activity for the first time. So fear was a symbol for his worries about some new activity he was engaged in.
Example dream : A dream with strong fears linked to feelings that everything she had worked for was being lost - she was suffering depression
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is attacked and is fearing the worst linked to the dreamer being depressed and paranoiac. In the dream he fears the worst and actually nothing happens so the dream actually portrays paranoia.
Example dream : A dream about a fear of heights took place the day after the dreamer had been suffering from terrible social phobias. He had been out at a party and simply could not speak. One fear was simply a symbol for another fear. The dreams meaning was linked to the dreamers thoughts about that phobia and this exact feeling "I want to be more open about my phobias but I fear that people would simply not understand such ridiculous phobias."

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