Try to think how your father relates to recent problems. Do you wish that you had more support from your father? Does your father have a low opinion of you? Does your father never listen to you? Anything like that may cause a dream.

Fathers can also be very symbolic in a dream. They may link to your own need to be more sensible. Did you wake up realising that you have to stop doing something? Have you been wasting your time on a relationship which is going no where? Have you got to overcome a tendency to sulk and behave childishly?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Have you realised that some issue is getting out of hand?
- Have you decided to be sensible about something?
- Have you been thinking about someone who is a good male role model?
- Have you decided to be practical and realistic?
- Do you feel that you deserve more respect in some way?

KEY WORDS : Sensible, practical, out of control, role model,respect(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "getting out of hand"
- "a need to be PRACTICAL and REALISTIC"
- "I was being SENSIBLE"
- "They need to show more RESPECT"
- "I need to stand up for myself"
- "a good father and ROLE MODEL"


Example dream : A dream about the dreamers father was linked to her missing him desperately. The previous evening she had had a lovely dinner with all the family. So his appearance in the symbolised her missing him dearly in real life.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was being watched by his father took place when the dreamer was having problems with his neighbour, who felt that the dreamer was anti social and rude. This was becoming a major issue and the dreamer felt his neighbour was picking on him because he was not as sociable as his neighbour. The neighbour obviously felt he was in the right (a father like behaviour) and this was at the heart of symbolism of father. The neighbour was thinking father like thoughts like "I have got to stamp down on this rudeness".
Example dream : A dream where her father throws out a snake symbolised her own wish to act sensibly and end a bad relationship.
Example dream : Shouting to her father for help symbolised the dreamers dislike of her brothers new girlfriend. She tried to warn her father about her but was ignored. So her father appeared as himself in the dream and had no symbolic meaning. He was in the dream because she had some important thoughts which related to him in real life.
Example dream : A fighting with your father dream took place when the dreamer was thinking about his father who constantly had a low opinion of him
Example dream : A father dream was about a need to be sensible and accept a relationship was over.
Example dream : The dreamer missed her father so the dream was about all her recent troubles and thoughts about what things would be like if he had been here.
Example dream : Her father not being there symbolised the dreamers realisation that she was not being sensible. She was in danger of cheating on her boyfriend. She woke up realising that she needed to cut off this contact with another guy.
Example dream : A father telling the dreamer about alligators symbolised the dreamers thoughts about the harsh reality of the world.
Example dream : A father dream linked to the dreamer thinking about his health. The father was symbolic of things getting out of hand.
Example dream : A dream about her boyfriends father linked to her boyfriend lying. It was symbolic of his need to be sorted out and told he was out of hand.
Example dream : Running from her father dream linked to the dreamer being on holiday. She was thinking that it was OK to go mad a little bit. Running from her father was symbolic of her wanting to go wild and not be sensible and responsible.
Example dream : A father dream was linked to the dreamer thinking about his girlfriend who was coming back from holiday. She had a bad cold so would need a bit of space for a few days. The father dream was linked to the need to be sensible and responsible when she got back.
Example dream : A father dream linked to the dreamer being practical. She knew that a relationship had to end - she was just being sensible.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer felt the presence of his father linked to him feeling disrespected by some people. He wanted to tell them exactly what he thought. His father was a symbol of him standing up for himself.
Example dream : A father dream linked to the dreamer thinking about her son. She wished that she could connect with him in the same way as his father. The father was a symbol for him being a good father and role model.
Example dream : A parents dream was linked to the dreamer having to get used to being told what to do.

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