What could 'fast' in a dream portray? Think what emotions it could link to? It could be a metaphor for something powerful. It could refer to sudden changes in your life - something that happened very quickly. Perhaps you want to slow down and make sure you do something properly? Maybe you are having trouble adapting to the changes? Maybe you realise that you needed time to think something through yesterday?

SYMBOLIC KEY WORD ASSOCIATIONS: Fast fear, quick thinking, force, update, out-mastered, fast spreading, incessant, beat, fiercest, not weak, ignore safety, capable, perfect, arrival time, one-off, goal, muscles, pounded, victorious, athlete, runner, thrown, easier, lifestyle (fast living), movement, carry out orders, righteous, toot, forcing


Example dream : A dream where space objects were moving at great speed towards earth linked to the dreamer forgetting his medication the day before. He had to go and get some emergency meds from his doctor in order to stop himself having a seizure. This hit the dreamer badly and made him think about his declining health. The speed of the space objects moving linked to this major change and decline in his health which was, like the pulsars, moving very quickly. So the dream caught this exact feeling "I was shocked by what happened yesterday. I think my health is declining very fast."
Example dream : A dream about a fast moving train took place as the dreamer was shocked by a letter from his landlord. The fast moving train was symbolic of a fast moving and worrying situation which was developing.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is being driven at a hundred miles an hour linked to the dreamer being annoyed by that same friend who talked too quickly. The day before this friend had wound him up and left him feeling confused and flustered. The dream simply meant "I was so wound up by my friend yesterday. He never stops talking." The dreamer often said that he needed to have been drinking if he was to talk to this friend.
Example dream : A fast moving dangerous situation symbolised the dreamers fear that he would lose touch with his ex after a break up. The fast moving situation was symbolic of his need to act quickly whilst he had the chance to stay friends with his ex.
Example dream : Flying at a fast and furious pace symbolised the dreamers wish to convince a woman that he was not the one for her.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is engulfed in fast moving water took place whilst her health was deteriorating fast. The next day she was due to see her doctor.
Example dream : Running faster and faster away was linked to the huge upset after all the fights with her boyfriend - running fast symbolised her desperation.
Example dream : A dream about people running at top speed for their lives linked to the dreamer writing a history article on the German naval attack on his home town of Scarborough in World War One. The dreams meaning seemed to link to the types of things that he was trying to emphasise whilst writing this article. People running at top speed symbolised this thought "I want to emphasise how people were literally running for their lives. The roads were full of people leaving town." So the dreams meaning surrounded the dreamer writing about an urgent situation.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is writing essays quickly was linked to him thinking out a new approach to writing reports at work. This was much faster but arguably at the expense of thoroughness.
Example dream : Fast may symbolise a fast moving situation - the dreamer had made a fool of himself and did not have time to think straight.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is running fast linked to him having lots of energy that night. He felt very athletic whilst normally he felt very tired and worn out. The dream seems to have caught this feeling "I feel very energetic tonight. I feel like I could go out and play football. I haven't felt like that for a long time. I normally feel tired and washed out." Dreams wil document changes in our health and mood - it seems likely that this dream was linked to his better health and energetic mood.
Example dream : A fast flowing river in a dream was linked to the dreamer going through a divorce. The fast flowing river was a symbol of the sudden and dramatic changes.
Example dream : A dream about trying to catch dolphins was linked to the dreamer being pregnant. In the dream she was stretching to catch the dolphins and that stretching was an example of the type of thing she should avoid. She had had several miscarriages and had to be aware of all the risk factors.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer moves really fast,showing courage fighting a Command post, a firing range, and ends up being a hero was about the dreamers promise the night before that he would be less lazy. He wanted to achieve things in life and was determined to put in maximimum effort.
Example dream : A dream where things happen quite quickly was linked to something that happened the day before. The dreamer had got distracted and ignored someone who was a good friend in the past. He was regretting this. The sudden events in the dream capture how this real life incident happened suddenly and was something that could not be avoided.
Example dream : A dream about being spun around so fast linked to the dreamer thinking deeply about Hurricane Katrina and wondering what it would be like to be in a hurricane
Example dream : A machine which moves super fast linked to the dreamers worries of telling doctors about her mental health problems. She was worried that she would get into a situation that she could not control (things would move too fast). Once you get stuck in a process (machine) like a psychiatric health system then you cannot stop it.
Example dream : A very deep fast flowing river linked to the dreamers recent behaviour. He was obsessive and anxious and was obsessiving about a woman. Overall he was acting without regard for his own safety. Walking in a dangerous fast flowing river in the dream was a symbol for his dangerous and recckless behaviour. In fact we can translate the "fast" flowing river into just one word "reckless" and we see how this was central to his own thinking in the following "I am really out of it at the moment. I am behaving very reckless and unaware of what I am doing." We make little assessments of how we are and in this case how bad we are.

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