Execution dreams may be triggered by feelings like these.

1. CRUCIAL DEADLINE. Did you have to meet a crucial deadline yesterday? Do you fear what would happen if you met that deadline? Are you dreading something tomorrow?
2. TOTALLY FORBIDDEN. Did someone do something totally forbidden yesterday? Did you do something which someone feels is unforgivable?
3. UNTREATABLE ILLNESS. Are you crippled by an untreatable illness such as arthritis's or cancer?
4. UNTREATABLE ILLNESS. Are you crippled by an untreatable illness such as arthritis's or cancer?
5. RUTHLESS. Did you try to behave in a ruthless way yesterday even though this is against your nature?
6. SHOCK DEATH. Dream are etaphors for real life. Did a shock death occur yesterday?

These dream meanings are based upon real dreams, all of which are listed at the end of this article

If you are to be executed then its a moment which looms in the future. Often execution dreams can be about something that you are dreading. It may even just be a symbol for some deadline that you have to meet.

Execution could also be a symbol for a fear of sudden death. Maybe you nearly escaped death or were thinking about death yesterday?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- In the next few days is there something about to happen that you are really dreading?
- Are you facing some tough times ahead in the near future?
- What tight deadlines do you face?
- On the day before the dream was there something that you nearly said which is totally unacceptable and forbidden?

KEY WORDS : Tortuous, crucial deadline, dreading,totally forbidden, unforgiveable behaviour, unexpected death, gruelling wait, untreatable illness, ruthless (write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I really have to meet this deadline"
- "I am dreading what is going to happen in a couple of days"
- "Should I have told her how bad things were going to be?"
- "Thats it now - he is cut out of my life"
- "She thinks what I did was truly terrible"
- "I know that I just cannot do that - it is totally forbidden"
- "They looked at me as if I had committed a capital offence"
- "I have been made to suffer"
- "it was extreme torture"


Example dream : A dream about being executed symbolised the dreamers fear that he could die at any time - someone he knew had just died very unexpectedly the day before. Execution was a symbol for this sudden unexpected death.
Example dream : Execution symbolised how some people were thinking about the dreamers sister. She had cynically taken advantage of their mother and conned money out of her - some people considered this a very serious 'crime' (deserving of a very severe punishment e.g. death).
Example dream : A dream about people being executed took place the day after the dreamer was shocked by a man speaking so harshly. The slaughtering was a symbol of his lack of humility and the dream captured this feeling "I was shocked by how mean and ruthless this man was." This dream took the dreamer to a place where people behaved in a way which brought to life this old mans harsh attitude. The excutions are also symbols of this old man thinking he is in the right (executioners believe that they are in the right and that their actions are justified).
Example dream : An execution in a dream was linked to the dreamers need to get better as he had an important job interview coming up. The execution represented his need to meet this important deadline in getting better.
Example dream : An execution in a dream linked to the dreamers bleak view of the world - he believed that human suffering was inevitable.
Example dream : A dream about a judge not daring to execute a prisoner was linked to the dreamer losing his hours at a community centre. He had reacted very badly to this and was very bitter. He needed to be aware that they may go even further and he might be fired from his job altogether.
Example dream : An execution at the end of a long march symbolised a very difficult work project which the dreamer puts lots of effort and energy into. The execution was a symbol for this date which loomed in the near future and the gruelling wait as he had to use every ounce of his energy to finish the project.
Example dream : Watching an execution dream linked to the dreamer being unable to pay her water bill. She was trying to negotiate a payment plan. The death sentence symbolised the terrible deadline approaching when her water might be cut off.
Example dream : A dream when the dreamer was hanged linked to him having a virus in real life when he had an interview for a job in just a couple of days. The death sentence this crucial deadline the dreamer had to achieve.
Example dream : A dream awaiting execution linked to the dreamer suffering from cancer. She was due to go in for chemotherapy in a few days. This treatment was always very gruelling and the execution was symbolic of this horrendously difficult treatment which the dreamer was really not looking forward to.
Example dream : A dream about a black man executed linked to the dreamer agonising about telling her mother that she had cancer and was going to die. The execution was symbolic of the dreamers mother knowing that she was going to die - untreatable cancer is a death sentence just like hanging (both know that they are going to die).
Example dream : A death sentence dream linked to the dreamer thinking about saying something the day before about a work colleague. However, he realised that this was not the right thing to say as the person had too many friends and would be very offended. The death sentence was symbolic of him nearly saying something which would have caused mortal offence - he would have instantly been outcast.
Example dream : A dream where a baby is ordered to be executed was linked to the dreamer starting a new relationship. She recognised how bad this was and realised that she needed to end it straight away. The death sentence in the dream symbolised her feeling that this should be ruthlessly ended.
Example dream : A lethal injection dream linked to the dreamer thinking about his own mortality since the dream.

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