DREAM DICTIONARY - Ex-boyfriend :

A dream about your ex boyfriend may simply be a dream about your current boyfriend. It maybe shows that he is showing the same signs of annoying you and treating you badly as the previous one did. So an ex-boyfriend dream could that you want your current boyfriend to become an ex boyfriend.

If you have been thinking about your ex then obviously the dream maybe related to those thoughts about him. If you were badly treated by your ex it may be symbolic of how you are dealing with that abuse. The dream could be linked to your readiness for a new relationship. An ex boyfriend dream may show that you are still caught up in jealousy and petty feelings and so you are not ready for a new relationship.


Example dream : A dream about her ex boyfriend linked to the dreamers efforts to deal with the break up. The dream featured her wanting to talk to him so the it probably caught a feeling like "I wish I could say to him how I am feeling. But he has cut me off. It's so frustrating when you want to tell someone what you think of them but cannot."
Example dream : A dream about her ex boyfriend took place shortly before he was due to be married. The dream was probably about the dreamers need to move on. It might link to feelings like this "I have been thinking a lot about my ex getting married. I think I am coming to terms with this. I am trying to grow as a person and get over this."
Example dream : A dream of having sex with an ex boyfriend symbolised the dreamers thoughts about her ex who was always deceiving her.
Example dream : A dream about her ex boyfriend took place as she was wondering how he felt about getting back together. She was getting mixed signals so her dream was probably linked to this lack of communication.
Example dream : A dream about her ex boyfriend was symbolic of the dreamers fears about her present boyfriend - the worry that he may soon become an ex boyfriend.
Example dream : A dream about her ex boyfriend occurred after he had asked her if she wanted to get back together again. She was thinking about him and if a relationship with him would be a good idea.
Example dream : A dream about her ex boyfriend linked to him talking to her on Facebook and showing a willingness to get back together. The dream was about her thoughts about a possible reconciliation.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers ex having a baby with his new girlfriend was probably linked to her need to move on and stop thinking about him. The dream seems to portray her ex's new relationship as successful and having a baby suggests a long term relationship. The dream features these themes in the following way "My ex is probably settling down and getting on nicely in his new relationship. I should accept that it is over."
Example dream : The dreamers ex boyfriend stood in the background symbolised the dreamers doubts about her boyfriend. He was in danger of becoming an ex boyfriend
Example dream : A dream about her ex boyfriend took place at a time when they were discussing getting back together. She bhad a dream about her ex at this crucial time.
Example dream : An ex boyfriend symbolised the dreamers fears about moving in with her boyfriend. She was worried about depending on him financially. She was worrying if things would go wrong - her current boyfriend might become an ex
Example dream : Walking near to where her ex used to live symbolised a real moment the day before when she had walked past that same spot and felt a real sense of regret

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