Escape dreams can be triggered by feelings like these.

1. CONFRONTATION Was someone confrontational yesterday? Were you unwilling to be drawn into a dispute yesterday?
2. TRYING TO AVOID Were you trying to avoid ("escape from") someone yesterday? Were you unable to avoid someone because your paths cross so regularly? Was someone highly intimidating yesterday? What nightmare situation were you trying to avoid yesterday? What responsibilities were you trying to avoid yesterday?
3. ADRENALIN Are you highly strung? Were you in a highly dramatic and emotional mood yesterday?
4. ILLNESS Are you trying to escape from the clutches of a degenerative illness?

These dreamings are based upon many real life "escape dreams", all of which are mentioned at the end of this article.

Escaping in a dream may suggest that you want to get away from something that has been causing you stress. Maybe something specifically upset you yesterday? Maybe you were just trapped in a bad mood? Perhaps someone has been causing you trouble recently? Maybe an illness has been causing you real problems? Maybe you have been thinking about someone who has had problems recently? Just ask yourself what you want to get away from? (your dream could be about that issue whatver it is).

KEY WORDS : avoid, get away with, stuck with, depressing, bumping into someone, severe problem, confrontation, having to deal with, unwanted responsibilities, a stiffling relationship

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "Its just terrible. I feel like my world has ended"
- "If the world was about to end then I know exactly what I would do!"
- "If the world was about to end then my final wish would be to ...."
- "I just cannot live without her"
- "Everything I previously believed has now been swept aside"


Example dream : Trying to escape a tiger linked to the dreamer looking after his sick mother. He kept losing his temper as they were getting on each others nerves. Trying to get away from this symbolised his wish to avoid this tension.
Example dream : Trying to escape her boss in a dream linked to the dreamers attempts to get away with breaking the rules at work. The previous day though the dreamer was scared when her boss fired someone - this made her think twice about testing her manager out.
Example dream : Wanting to escape wild animals symbolised a very prestigious drama school that the dreamer visited the day before. The animals symbolised the strong competition and standards. The dreamer found the place very depressing and wanted to leave immediately.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was unable to escape was caused by a similar situation in real life. The dreamer was wanting to escape a bad atmosphere because the person causing it was someone the dreamer bumped into both at work and elsewhere. The dream pinpointed this key feeling about wanting to get away from someone but an inability to do so because their paths crossed so frequently (he was unable to escape/avoid her).
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer cannot escape from a snake took place when the dreamer was involved in an intense personal dispute with a neighbour. Because they lived so near and genuinely hated each other, they could not really resolve their differences. The only solution seemed to be to move out. There was "no escape" from this situation.
Example dream : A dream where people could not escape torturers linked to the dreamer watching a TV program the night before about Mexican gangs. People being unable to escape symbolised the fact that this was now a severe problem and was becoming more widespread.
Example dream : One night the dreamer could not get to sleep for several hours but eventually got to sleep and had a dream which seemed to feature every symbol such as police,rescues,escapes, torture and killing. If dreams do link to important feelings then surely this dream in some way links to the dreamers inability to get to sleep. The dreamer did not mention what was causing her stress so we may guess that there was not any major issues. Having read the dream I made the simple association "this dream seems to have everything going on". Actually that association does seem to have relevance to the dreamers inability to sleep. If someone cannot get to sleep then thoughts are racing through their heads and they are unable to relax enough to sleep. So the escapes in the dream were linked to high levels of adrenalin and excitement which was making it difficult for the dreamer to get to sleep. The dream caught this feeling "I simply could not get to sleep. Anyone would think I had just witnessed a murder, rescue, kidnap and escape."
Example dream : Trying to escape sharks was linked to the dreamer feeling nervous about some wild parties he thought he might get involved with - he really wanted to avoid (escape from). The dream involved this theme of "avoiding something" and captured this exact thought process "I know he likes to go to some wild parties and I will try to avoid anything like that. I can just sense danger"
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer has to escape or be killed linked to the day before when she was highly intimidated by her ex (a situation she would liked to have escaped from at the earliest opportunity). The dream simply meant that the dreamer would avoid such situations in the future because she was frightened by him.
Example dream : Escaping from mutants in a dream linked to the dreamer splitting up from his wife. She had been the love of his life. Occasionally she would tell him that still wanted him. He paid for her apartment and bought her a car. He was then assaulted by her new boyfriend. Escaping in the dream was symbolic of his inability to let go and the continuing nightmare relationship which he wished to escape.
Example dream : Escaping a shark symbolised the dreamers sister trying to overcome the difficulties she was in at the time
Example dream : One escape from a wolf dream symbolised the dreamers wish to avoid a confrontation by keeping out of someone else's dispute
Example dream : A bird which continually escapes a cat attacking it symbolised the dreamers brother who was in his last stages of cancer. Each time the bird was getting weaker and weaker symbolising a degenerative illness. The wish to escape linked to his wish to fight his illness.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer escapes an army took place while the dreamer was trying to tame some feral cats.
Example dream : Trying to escape from a house linked to the dreamers total dislike of her boyfriends family. They had total different values - she tried to avoid (escape) them as often as possible.
Example dream : A bird that does not escape when allowed out of its cage linked to the dreamers thoughts about how she walked out on her relationship and daughter. The dream linked into thoughts like "Most women do not feel they need to escape the responsibility of a family and marriage yet I did".
Example dream : Allowing Nazis to escape was symbolic of the dreamer allowing many of his bad habits from the past to carry on into the future.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer escapes a corrupt prison only to later return knowing the alternative was worse. In real life the dreamer was realising that her various options would all make her unhappy. She was having to accept the lesser of two evils. Escaping was symbolic of her wish to break free and make choices which would make her genuinely happy rather pick between the lesser of two evils.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is trying to escape from a man and his crazy friends. Just prior to this dream she had a nightmare about a creepy smirking man. This dream played out her fears that this was a omen of something bad.
Example dream : Escape in a dream represented the dreamers wish to escape someone who would had been causing trouble.
Example dream : A fire escape represented the dreamers wish for a way out in real life - he wanted to change stockbrokers.
Example dream : Trying to escape a battle linked to a work project which was causing lots of tension. Trying to escape symbolised the dreamers wish to keep out of the disputes and end his involvement in this project.
Example dream : A dream of escaping an army linked to the dreamers wish to escape the feelings of depression he had felt the day before.

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