Try to see how 'empty' could symbolise your thoughts. Have you been missing someone? Is there a gap in your life?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Has some relationship ended leaving you feeling depressed?
- Is there something that you really miss doing?
- Are you full of doubt and lacking motivation at the moment?

KEY WORDS : Gap, missing, empty gesture, lacking motivation, failed, sense of loss, not sure, not caring, not wanting, bored, lacking in knowledge, unwilling, mourning,

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "I cannot seem to fill that GAP IN MY LIFE"
- "Its something that I REALLY MISS a great deal"
- "I will REALLY MISS him"
- "I am getting used to LIFE WITHOUT him"
- "Its something I am NOT SURE I WANT TO really do"
- "Its just an empty gesture - he is NOT REALLY CONCERNED"
- "It could be a premonition of the next day"
- "I have absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE on that subject"
- "I have totally FAILED to do that"
- "I am totally LACKING MOTIVATION right now"
- "My life seems so empty"
- "I am not sure that I want to do that..."


Example dream : An empty house symbolised the dreamers feeling that illness had left his life empty and pointless
Example dream : A dream of an empty house linked to the dreamer not wanting to meet her boyfriends family. She simply did not like their behaviour. The empty house symbolised her unwillingness to meet them.
Example dream : An empty parking lot linked to the dreamer not looking forward to someone visiting. This person had been rude and unemotional.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers gun was empty was linked to the dreamer having been made redundant as a police officer. She really loved her job and wanted to get another job as a cop. The empty gun symbolised the fact that this job was finished and the dreamer felt a sense of emptiness having left the job.
Example dream : Going through empty devastated streets linked to the dreamer breaking up with her boyfriend. She felt a real sense of loss and was just having to get on with things - she had to face sitting her exams that very same day.
Example dream : A dream with an empty space in it linked to the dreamer mourning his Grandfather who had just died.
Example dream : An empty warehouse captured the dreamers feelings after breaking up with his girlfriend. He felt a sense of loss and was missing her - he had no one to phone or text.
Example dream : An empty theatre linked to something that the dreamer did not really want to do. She had applied for a job but was not sure she wanted it.
Example dream : A large tree with empty branches dream linked to the dreamer thinking about work. He had not been enjoying work recently and was not getting along with the other staff.
Example dream : An empty apartment dream linked to the dreamer having just graduated. He was stuck at home and lacked any purpose or motivation.
Example dream : A dreary empty place in a dream linked to the dreamer getting depressed recently. She had so little to occupy her time.
Example dream : A dream with an empty house linked to the dreamer trying to address his own laziness. He was trying to get up earlier and get out of bad habits if he was to progress in life.
Example dream : An empty warehouse dream could have been a premonition of the dreamers niece having an accident the next day.
Example dream : A dream with empty spaces in linked to the dreamer thinking about his work project. He had achieved a lot but there were many areas which he needed to cover more thoroughly.
Example dream : A dream where a glass of water is emptied over the dreamers face linked to him having a fever during the night.

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