A common cause of an ambulance or emergency dream is that you have felt a real sense of crisis yet others have been oblivious to your distress. What could emergency services represent in your dreams? Dreams tap into something which is similar yet also slightly different. What happens in real life if you are calling 911 or some crisis has occurred? You feel desperate for something to be done - action needs to be taken immediately. If you interpret dreams in reverse (as with our dream studies) then you start to understand what dreams mean. In many cases the 911, ambulance and paramedics dreams followed on from a day in which the dreamer had felt the following emotion - "I thought action should have been taken immediately". Of course the real life situations were not as pressing as in the dream. The dream is just about the emotions - that you strongly felt that something needed to be done. Such dreams are about real life day to day crises and particularly about how we handle them. Generally they are about something which you consider to be more important than others and needs urgent attention.


Example dream : A dream about an emergency was linked to some thoughts about a woman the dreamer had helped. He had helped her a little bit but it was all very rushed. He realised that she wanted the personal touch and had wanted his help. The emergency in the dream represented her need for help at that moment - it was a big deal for her (she expected him to make a bigger fuss - like in an emergency).
Example dream : A dream about phoning 911 linked to the dreamers son being in total crisis and needing immediate help. He had lost his job and was needing somewhere to live.
Example dream : A dream about an emergency linked to the dreamer helping out a woman the day before who seemed distressed. He felt guilty because he could have helped her more and shown more sympathy in this moment of crisis.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer had to call the emergency services linked to a crisis at the dreamers work the day before when the police had to be called. The dreamer managed to take the heat out of the situation by making a few light hearted comments.
Example dream : A dream where there is a road accident linked to the dreamer anticipating a tough day ahead which would be quite stressful.
Example dream : A dream about an ambulance linked to the dreamer not being able to trust what her father said. He had promised to help the dreamer out in a time of real crisis.
Example dream : A dream about an emergency where the fire services are called linked to rumours that the dreamers mother was planning to leave the country without telling her. This was an immediate crisis for the dreamer.
Example dream : A dream about calling 911 linked to the dreamer disliking her boyfriends family. He felt that she was exaggerating how bad they were but for the dreamer this was a serious issue.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers daughter does not think its a big deal but the dreamer wants to call 911 linked to the dreamer having problems with her daughter at the time. For the dreamer her daughters behaviour was a big deal and something that was stressing the her out.
Example dream : A dream about an emergency nurse helping the dreamers daughter was linked to her daughter needing some special attention due to all the stress in her life. She was becoming emotionally unresponsive and distant.
Example dream : A dream about a fireman at a burning house linked to the dreamer facing some difficult challenges having to do something that she could not do. The fire symbolised feeling that she could not cope in this crisis.
Example dream : A dream trying to call 911 linked to the dreamer wanting an end to an abusive relationship. She decided to go to court and file for divorce. The 911 call symbolised her fear of what he might do.

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