If you are drunk then you could be described as "incapable". A drunken dream could be a symbol for any situation where anyone is "incapable" even if it involves no alcohol at all. Drunk in a dream may be a symbol of your own incompetence. Perhaps it was triggered by a moment the day before when you worried that people may think of you as a 'loser'. You maybe worried that people may see you as confused or incapable - or just loud mouthed and stupid. It could be that you worry you will end up like a drunk you have just seen.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Do you often worry that others see you as a loser?
- Did someone simply not know what they were doing yesterday?
- Do you feel that you may become very emotional and lose control in some way tomorrow?

KEY WORDS : Loser, out of control, useless, incapable, wild, spontaneous, things going wrong, emotional, incompetent, bumbling

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "looking or feeling like a loser"
- "I feel like I should be working harder and should achieve more"
- "its totally out of control"
- "You are useless. You do not know what you are doing!"
- "incapable of making a rational decision"
- "I fear that I may lose control of my emotions"

today, abandoned,hit, young, sacred, outnumbered, organising, force, cackled, sobbing, allegations, downtown, overheard, ignored, giggled, time-honored, however, intruder, mugging, stinking, nudity, madness, thrill, whisky, remembered, problems


Example dream : A drunken crow was simply a symbol of the dreamer getting drunk the night before and talking too much. So the dreams meaning was simply the dreamers honest assessment of how he just behaved - it captured the thought "I was really drunk last night and talked a load of nonsense."
Example dream : A dream with people drunk in followed on a funeral where the dreamer felt worried because of the wild lifestyles of many of the congregation. In fact we could translate the symbolic meaning of "drunk" into the words "wild lifestyles" which featured in the following context "I looked around at the others who went to the funeral and they all look as if they are on drugs and doing crime. With a wild lifestyle like that they will all end up as dead as the person they came to bury." So "drunk" in the dream hinted at "the type of people who drink and get drunk" and some thoughts about them.
Example dream : A drunken father symbolised the dreamers conversation the day before about weddings with a group of women. The stories set her mind going. We all have stories about how someone got very drunk at a wedding.
Example dream : A drunken pirate was a symbol for an incident which took place the day before - the dreamers flatmate flashed him and he pretended to ravage her. It was all in good fun and the drunk in the dream was symbolic of this spontaneous and wild behaviour (so typical of the types of things we do when we get drunk)
Example dream : A drunk was linked to the dreamers dislike of her father. This had been triggered by her watching a TV film about a guy who abandons his family (which is what happened in the dreamers life). The drunk was a symbol for her good for nothing father who had abandoned the family when young. We associate heavy drinking with "good for nothing bums who drink heavily." The dream is comparing her father to a "bum" who drinks. The dream is not saying "My father is a drunk" its saying "My father is a like one of those bums who drink." For convenience we can translate the "drunk" into the word "bum" or "loser" and the dream captures this exact feeling "My father is a total bum. He walked out on my mother and me. He is a complete loser."
Example dream : Feeling drunk or drugged symbolised the dreamers tendency to lack confidence. He judged himself very harshly - as someone incapable (like someone who was drugged).
Example dream : A drunken bum dream linked to the dreamer feeling tired and exhausted the night before. He did not want his children to see him like that. It made him feel like a loser.
Example dream : An alcoholic dream linked to the dreamer feeling useless. She felt she was bumbling around the office not knowing what she was doing.
Example dream : A worthless bum on a boat dream linked to the dreamer feeling he was not doing enough with his life. He tended to be associated with a group of people that may see as losers.
Example dream : A drunken bum dream linked to the dreamer wanting to help with a difficult situation at work. He wanted to help but the situation had got totally out of control.
Example dream : Getting steadily more drunk at a party in a dream linked to the dreamer wanting to talk an issue out. But he worried that if he started talking he would lose control and get all emotional.