Think of how drugs could link into some recent thought especially from yesterday. Do you worry that you acted in an incompetent way yesterday - coming across like someone who was drugged. Do you worry that you come across as low class - someone who takes drugs and mixes with undesirable people?

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you get carried away and totally lose sense of reality yesterday?
- Have you been deluding yourself about the truth of your situation?

KEY WORDS : Deluded, illegal, divorced from reality

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "divorced from reality"
- "deluding myself"


Example dream : In one dream a witch is drugging people so they do not know what going on. In real life the dreamers mother was selfish and yet she tried to portray herself as the most generous person. Drugs in the dream were a symbol for her trying to conceal the truth.
Example dream : Feeling drunk or drugged symbolised the dreamers tendency to lack confidence. He judged himself very harshly - as someone incapable (drunk or drugged). The dream captured this exact type of thought "I am so useless and lacking in confidence. I must seem like a drunk or druggy who doesn't know what day it is."
Example dream : The dreamer had been reported for drug use by his ex girlfriend in their child access court case. The drugs in his dream were symbolic of the "you need to watch your step" as your ex is out to get you and will report you for any drug use."
Example dream : Drugs in a dream where a symbol of the dreamers unexpected confidence the day before. The dreamer was surprised how confident he had been and the drugs was represented his feeling that he was deluding himself. He felt this confidence was short lived. The association is simple as people on drugs are deluding themselves. They are living in a false reality. Overall the dream caught this honest admission about the day before "I seemed very confident with my video camera but I was just deluding myself. People were probably laughing at me."
Example dream : A dodgy drug dealer was a symbol linked to the dreamers worries about prescription drugs. He was worried that his depression and mental health had got worse. He feared he would have to take drugs and feared terrible side effects of legal drugs. The dreams meaning dealt with the theme of "the effects of drugs" and captured this exact thought "I was thinking last night how my mental health is getting worse and I may end up having to take prescription drugs. I fear all the side effects of these pills as I know people who take them and they have terrible problems." So the dream used a metaphor of someone who took real drugs and tapped into this type of feeling "Prescription drugs are as bad as illegal drugs" and "people on precription drugs are as bad a junkies."
Example dream : A drugs dream linked to the dreamer thinking about his brother who was increasingly sitting in his room talking to no one. The drugs were symbols of him looking and acting like a drug addict - becoming divorced from reality.
Example dream : A dream about a violin stuffed with drugs linked to the dreamer thinking about he acted the day before. He felt he had been filled with confidence and cool. Yet when he felt more deeply he realised he had been deluding himself.

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