Dogs in dreams can be symbols of people who are loyal and faithful. They say that man's best friend is a dog - who is always loyally by his side. Your dream will usually pinpoint some key thought about that person. Maybe you are realising that they are a good friend? Perhaps, they are being too friendly and this is annoying you? Some friends can be too clingy?

Angry dogs and frightening can be much more negative symbols. They can be symbolic of people who show NO loyalty towards you. They can also be symbols of people who are usually loyal and faithful but have suddenly turned on you.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Do you wish that others would follow your ideas and leadership?
- Did you expect more loyalty yesterday?
- Is someone just too devoted to you?
- Did you encroach on someone's territory yesterday?

KEY WORDS : Devoted, trust, loyalty, faithfully following, territoriality, affection, close friend, top dog, sensing danger

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
- "he is devoted to me and does everything I say"
- "a close bond of trust and ability to stick by each other during difficult times"
- "I was expecting more from you"
- "I thought he was a trusted friend"
- "I expected more loyalty"
- "I just do not want to offend him as he has been helpful"
- "follow my lead"
- "very devoted to his ideas"
- "faithfully follow that style"
- "sensing danger"
- "its my office!" - "he is on my patch"


Example dream : In one highly symbolic dream a dog turns into a snarling wild animal. In real the dreamer had received a letter from his landlord which was worded in a very friendly way but which the dreamer feared would result in him losing his flat. They set a date for a flat inspection which they said was nothing to worry about. However, the dreamer was very worried. The dog was a symbol of the friendly wording of the letter (dogs are domesticated and friendly) and the wild fox was a symbol of how the situation was volatile and could result in his landlords unleashing a terrifying (wild animal) eviction notice.
Example dream : A dog being put down in a dream linked to the dreamer being fired from her job on health grounds. The dog symbolised her loyalty and faith to the company.
Example dream : A dream about a dog standing by the dreamer took place after the dreamers Grandmother had died. The dog represented the need to stay close to those she really cared about - close family - to get through this difficult period.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers father buys him a dog was a symbol for his father encouraging him to make friends with some of his contacts. A dog was a good symbol - his father was trying to get him some faithful allies and friends who would help him out in his career.
Example dream : Poisoning a dog was a symbol for the dreamers real life decision to end a friendship. The dreamer feared that this friend might clash with her husband so she decided to end this before there was any trouble.
Example dream : Dreaming of your dog dead symbolised an email the dreamer got from her ex. He had been going through some rough times. She was feeling some affection for him. She had been reminded of the good times - the dog being a positive symbol of those times.
Example dream : Being bitten by a black dog symbolised the dreamers manager who was criticising him.
Example dream : Dogs in a dream linked to the dreamer having problems with her mother (who hated her boyfriend and simply would not accept him). The night before this dream the dreamer severed ties with her mom. The dogs in the dream symbolised the arguments and squabbling between different people who were wanting others to take their side (typical behaviour in a pack of dogs)
Example dream : An adoring dog was a symbol for a girl that the dreamer knew who was showing very friendly signs. She seemed to adore him. We associate dogs with feelings such as "loyalty" and "adoring" as dogs are mans best friend. Dogs also link into psychic feelings as they are felt to be psychic. This was also a feature in this situation as the dreamer felt that the woman had a psychic link with him. Overall the dream caught this exact feeling "I just sense that she adores me and that she is thinking about me all the time. We have an almost psychic connection."
Example dream : Being bitten by a dog in a dream was linked to some major worries the night before. The dreamer was exploring what life would be like if his sight deteriorated - he was already unable to see properly and worried that if he lost his sight he would not be able to look after himself properly - he would not be able to cope with danger.
Example dream : A tiny dog symbolised the dreamers relationship with her boyfriend which had just ended. She realised he had been a good boyfriend. She now realised that relationship could have been more carefully looked after . There was no good reason why the relationship had ended - he had been a good and faithful boyfriend.
Example dream : A happy dog dream linked to the dreamers brother moving out and the dreamer feeling OK about things. Its a big change when anyone moves out of the family home and she was adapting to this changed circumstance. The happy dog was a symbol of their close relationship.
Example dream : A black puppy dream took place as the dreamer was starting to get along much better with her ex.
Example dream : A golden retriever dream took place as the dreamer was losing her boyfriend. He was about to move state with his parents. The dream was about her loss of such a devoted boyfriend.
Example dream : A puppy dog dream took place as the dreamer was being pressured by his father to meet some influential people and build up a network of contacts. The puppy could have been a symbol of him faithfully following his fathers lead.
Example dream : A dream about a dog linked to the dreamers life having improved. She was moving back to be with her son and would get chance to see her new grandchild. The dog symbolised the family togetherness (devotion,loyalty).
Example dream : A black dog running away dream linked to the dreamer being annoyed with her sister. She had erased all the data on her computer and just didn't care.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer loses her dog was symbolic of problems in her marriage. She sensed that something was wrong with her husband but he would not talk about it. The dog was symbolic of her wish for them to be closer - for them to stick by each other during good and bad times.
Example dream : A dream about dogs linked to the dreamer thinking about work. He wished for people to listen to his ideas and follow his lead.
Example dream : A dog in a dream was linked to the dreamer trying to sense in real life the right way to go.
Example dream : A dog barking dream was linked to the dreamer disliking someone coming in at work. It was his department - the dream was symbolic of his wish to control his own territory.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is being bitten by a guard dog linked to the dreamer being unhappy with his doctor. He wanted a different doctor within the practice but did not want to upset anyone. The guard dog was symbolic of him doing something that was not allowed.
Example dream : A dogs dream linked to the dreamers ex turning up and demanding access. He was trying to show how loyal and devoted he was.
Example dream : A dream about a dog took place as the dreamer had been really annoyed watching a remake of a film. He felt that the original was so much better. The dog was probably symbolic of his faith and belief in the original.
Example dream : An angry dog dream linked to the dreamer being annoyed because his brother would not work hard on a project they were working on together. The angry dog was a symbol for the fighting between the two of them and his wish for more loyalty.

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