DREAM DICTIONARY - Disappointment :

Disappointment in a dream will often link to other people. It may be triggered by your wish to do your best. You maybe do not want to let anyone down? You perhaps fear making a mistake because achieving something is important to you? Or you are having to achieve high standards and the slightly mistake is not tolerated! You know you need to do better! Underlying this maybe a wish to make people proud of you! You want to stand up for yourself and prove yourself. You are starting to realise just how important something is to you! These are the types of situations and emotions that will often trigger disappointment dreams.


Example dream : A friend who is disappointed in her friends bad behaviour linked to the dreamers need to be more responsible at work. She was shocked by her boss sacking a girl the previous day and realised that this could be her. The feeling of disappoint rulement represented that need to realise the consequences of her actions. (her friend would not condone her bad behaviour)
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer does well but wants to do better linked to her breaking up with her boyfriend. She sent him an email and really attempted to stand up for herself. The feeling of disappointment in the dream was probably related to her saying what she thought but then deleting something at the last moment. So this "disappointment" probably caught this thought "I wanted to say what I thought but at the last minute I deleted some paragraphs. If I had said what I thought I would have really got it out of my system." So her feeling of pride were slightly tinged with a small feeling of disppointment.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is disappointed in herself for flirting with a guy took place after her husband had flirted with a woman. This annoyed her and it caused a major argument. The disappointment she felt in the dream symbolised how much she had tried not to behave how her husband acted. Deep down this disappointment symbolised her own disappointment in her husband she knew that this was not how she would ever behave.
Example dream : Disappointment in dream linked to the dreamers wish to see a friend who had been on holiday for three weeks. He was missing her but still had a whole week to wait before she was back. His disappointment in real life echoed the similar emotion in the dream.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers boss is disappointed in him linked to the dreamer realising he had not set his alarm clock before going to bed. The dreamer worked on a breakfast radio show which had millions of viewers. The look of disappointment on his bosses face represented the high pressure nature of his job and also his love of his job and wish to please his boss the dream reminded him to set his alarm and so stopped him getting into trouble.

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