Death in dreams can often be a symbol for death (but that need not be so frightening). It may just show that you fear someone might die (if they are ill). It will not mean that they will die - just that you fear that they might die. Death dreams may occur after you narrowly escaped death in a car accident (especially the day before). All the dream means is that you recognised that 'I could have died' or that 'She could have died'.

Death is also a symbol of those feeling down or lacking health. It could be that the passion you once had is now gone. It could simply mean that you are depressed and feeling uninspired.

Death in dreams can also be symbols of relationships which have died. A dead dog can often be a symbol of a relationship which has now ended or which you fear may end. It maybe that you have been regretting this.

Death of a loved one may simply show how much they mean to you. If your dream takes you to a place where they have died then it could be your way of realising how important they are to you. If people have did then we remember all the good things about them so it could be your minds way of trying to concentrate on how much we like a person instead of concentrating on the negative things about them.

Death can also be a symbol of failure. We speak of a comedian who 'died' on stage. So if you completely failed in some way yesterday then that's probably caused the dream. The dream merely recognises that lack of ability and with it the loss of confidence.


Example dream : A dream where the President dies and is replaced was linked to events at the dreamers workplace the day before. The company hired a new manager which shocked the dreamer who was still wondering what this would mean for him. In this sense we can translate "death" simply into the word "end" or "change" which featured in this feeling "The old management structure has ended and we have a new manager." Death often merely symbolises a new phase.
Example dream : Dead creatures in a pool linked to the dreamer coming into contact with someone who was emotionally very desperate. He was completely overwhelmed by pain
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers boyfriends dies was linked to an argument the night before when the dreamer had said that she wished he was dead. The dream showed that she regretted saying this and she apologized.
Example dream : Killing a dog with poison was linked to the dreamers decision to end a relationship. The dog was a symbol for her friend and the poison was symbolic of the decision to end (kill off) the relationship.
Example dream : Fearing a shark will kill you in a dream was linked to the dreamer feeling nervous about an invitation to stay at a friends. This friend enjoyed going to wild parties.
Example dream : Carl Jung had a dream about a border official who had not died properly. This official represented his fierce rival (Sigmund Freud) whose ideas would just not die (just like the ghostly customs official)
Example dream : A mother dying symbolised the dreamers fears that a friendship with a woman had been spoiled. She was very much a mother figure but he had recently annoyed her. Dying symbolised the possible end of this friendship
Example dream : A dream about a horse which is being put down linked to the dreamer wanting to calm down as a person. He was to "kill off" this aspect to his personality. Death can be translated simply into the word "end" or "stop" and we see how these words had relevance in a thought before the dreamer went to sleep "I want to calm down and stop being so wild and hedonistic."
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers plumber dies took place when the dreamer was frustrated by his plumbers lack of appearance and slow work on his new bathroom. The dream probably taps into this kind of feeling "My plumber seems to have disappeared. He was supposed to have finished the bathroom but he has simply vanished. It is like he has died."

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