People uses phrases like "he is a little devil". Such comments are often complete exaggerations yet they show our strength of feelings on a particular subject or a particular person. Dreams will link to any emotion and scenario that you can connect to a symbol. We do not usually meet the devil so its purely a metaphorical term. We do associate the devil with people who are very religious. If you do not like religion it maybe your way of saying "I hate him going on about God and the Devil". If you believe in religion then the devil maybe your way of describing evil eg "he is really nasty and selfish". Think also of phrases like "its the devil in him". Devil dreams can suggest that a child has been getting into some bad company.

KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: - religious ranting, mischievous, bad habits, selfish, racial abuse ,inherently evil, unjust, abusive, targeted , nasty, violent, fault, in the wrong, out to get you, grudge, twisted mind, sleep paralysis, prejudice, malicious, frightened, homophobic


Example dream : A dream in which the dreamer is accused of being a demon linked to an incident the day before. The dreamers sister turned up and they both believe that the other is at fault for causing serious problems within the family. For convenience we could even translate the demon into the phrase "she is the one in the wrong" and this theme was central in this thought "My sister thinks I am the one in the wrong but she always causes the problems. Its her fault!"
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer is accused of being the devil was triggered when the dreamer met someone that she did not like the day before. She left immediately and some might have thought that she was the one at faultfor leaving. They may have thought her belief that he was out to get her was a complete exaggeration and that she was the one in the wrong. The meaning of the dream involved this theme of "at fault" and overall the dream captured this precise thought "I know they all will be saying I am the bad one but I do not trust him and I think he is really out to get me".
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer was chased by the devil was linked to her meeting someone she did not like the night before. She left immediately. She believed that he was behind two robberies which had happened to her personally. It is very clear that the devil represented this real fear of someone who was 'out to get her'. The dream meaning involved this theme of "out to get her" and linked to this precise feeling "I know that he is going to blame everything on me and they will think I am at fault. But I do not trust him and I think he is out to get me". So the devil was the minds way of saying "he is out to get me" and that this is the type of thing a devil would do - make someones life a misery .
Example dream : A dreamers demon dreams were linked to her fathers abusive behaviour. His behaviour was 'demonic'. The dreamer had been getting demon dreams since her father had been emotionally abusive towards her. The "demon" could translate into the word "abusive" and the dreams meaning simply catches this feeling "My father is so abusive." But the "demon" could be associated with other feelings such as "he is out to get me".
Example dream : A demon in a dream was linked to the dreamers husband who was being threatened with deportation. The demon was therefore symbolic of the feeling that someone (the immigration authorities) were out to get him. The mind tends to see the "devil" as someone who is against you. The immigration authorities are seen in this simplistic way as the dreamer believes that they are "out to get him." If they are not with him they are inherently evil. The dream also hints at the power of the devil as a metaphor for the power of the immigration authorities "I cannot fight against something with so much power!" Powerful and faceless bureaucracies are seen as evil.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer faces a demon serpent was linked to the dreamer facing execution in real life the next day. She was facing a demon serpent rather than an executioner because she was being persecuted for her religious beliefs. So the dream was quite literal in that the devil was a symbol for itself and her feelings about religion. Her paranoias were becoming real as she was facing death in the arena. For her the lions in the arena were symbols of the devil. For concenience we could translate the devil in the dream into the phrase "the hardships that I am facing" and the dream caught this feeling "I am facing extreme hardship and torture tomorrow and I am going to need to keep my faith."
Example dream : A demon dream occurred whilst the dreamer was worrying about her sons bad habits. we often use the term 'little devil' to describe mischievous boys. We could even translate the "devil" in the dream into the word "mischievous" and the dreams meaning linked to a way in which the dreamer was using that word "My son has become very mischievous and I fear he is getting in with the wrong crowd." The devil also hints at other phrases like "bad person", "teenage gangs" and "naughty boy."
Example dream : A devil dream symbolised the dreamers recognition that she had acted very selfishly in starting a new relationship. It had been a selfish decision and had messed things up
Example dream : Devils in a dream linked to the dreamer being racially abused. The devil symbolised this racial abuse - behaviour which is inherently evil and unjust. For convenience we could even translate symbolically the "devil" into the words "evil and unjust" and the dreams meaning links to obvious ways in which we might use these words to describe key feelings such as "He is inherently evil and unjust. He is a vile racist!" Devils in this context could also be translated into phrases like "wrong", "evil" and "out to get me."
Example dream : A demon was symbolic of her mothers unbelievably selfish actions. She had just gone on holiday and someone had said that her mother would stay there. This was typical of the dreamers mother who would just up sticks and leave. To move without telling her daughter was an 'evil' act. We could even translate the "demon" symbolically into the word "selfish" and the dreams meaning would link to this obvious way in which the dreamer would use this word such as "She is so selfish. I have worry that she will not come back from her holiday and will stay in Japan." Selfish acts link by association with the devil whilst selfless acts link with "God" and "charity" and "Good."
Example dream : Fighting a demon linked to the dreamer struggling with real pain. The demon symbolised this health problem which she knew little about - it was an 'unknown force' causing her pain. So if you know little about something then superstition can fill its place.

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