Plants are often symbols of life and energy. So a place where life struggles often is symbolic of an absence of something. Desert dreams occur when you realise that a person you thought was a friend suddenly seems a lot less of a friend. Maybe you overhear them showing their true feelings. In a similar way you may suddenly realise that a job means a lot less to you than it used to. You are maybe not enjoying your work in the way you used to.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you realise yesterday that a relationship lacks meaning and is not is important as you first thought?
- What tasks are you doing that really do not enjoy?
- How is there a lack of meaning to your life right now?

KEY WORDS : No feelings, meaningless, unenjoyable, lack of respect,` lack of real friendship(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the new thoughts and feelings you have been clarifying in your mind) :
- "there is no real feelings there"
- "it wasn't a true friendship"
- "he doesn't really love me"
- "he never really loved or respected her"
- "I just do not enjoy it at all"
- "It all seems so MEANINGLESS"
- "a LACK OF real meaning to the things I am doing"


Example dream : A desert symbolised the dreamers own job which lacked any real meaning to him. The dreams meaning hinted at the dreamers wish to leave and set up on his own.
Example dream : Marrying a cactus (a desert plant) linked to the dreamer having to commit to her exams. The desert symbolised her lack of commitment to studying - it all seemed so pointless.
Example dream : A community centre in a desert was symbolic of the dreamers poor relationship with a neighbour. The desert was symbolic of the complete absence of life (desert) in their relationship and complete lack of community spirit.
Example dream : A desert dream was probably just linked to the dreamer being a soldier who had served in Iraq, so deserts where common features of their environment. The dream was probably linked to the dreamer constantly being remindered of the war zone. Once you have experienced the darker side of life then you cannot easily move on.
Example dream : A desert dream took place whilst the dreamer was not enjoying life. Nothing seemed to have any meaning any more.
Example dream : One dream about a deserted scrub land linked to the dreamer not enjoying his job any more. The scrub land symbolised the total lack of meaning and interest in his job.
Example dream : One desert dream linked to the dreamers general state of mind. He was very bored and all the days seemed to be endless and meaningless.
Example dream : A dream about a desert linked to the dreamer not enjoying her relationship. She was realising that he did not love her and just liked to dominate her. The desert symbolised his total lack of real affection for her.
Example dream : A desert scrub land dream linked to the dreamer bumping into a co-worker the previous day outside work. She just said hi and walked straight on. He thought they were real friends. The desert symbolised the lack of real friendship between them.
Example dream : A desert dream linked to the dreamer talking to her friend about her getting back together with her ex. They argued as the dreamer tried to persuade her how her ex did not love her and never really respected her.

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