Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "decision" dream may simply capture your feeling that "I need to be bolder and more forceful at work. I have become known as a pushover" and so the decision in the dream indicates the dreamer needs to be more "forceful".

In practice "decisions" could translate into many words - here is the full list - "bold", "decisive", "overcome phobia","overcome addiction","doubts","forceful","action needed","decision taken out of your hands". (Try to see how these words are relevant. We will discuss why these words are on the list later).

Now try to see how words in this list feature in your thoughts. Think of the things that you write down in a diary or tell a friend. Its likely that dreams translate into conscious thoughts that you are all too aware of - nowadays not many people believe in the unconscious mind. If any of the thoughts that you have seem to feature words on the list then its likely that the dream could link to that thought - it may even portray that exact thought process. So if you have been feeling that "If I do not act my supervisor will step in and make the decision for me " then the decision in the dream links to the dreamers need to "bold" and "act decisively".

By studying hundreds of dreams we now know that decision dreams will tend to link to these types of feeling
- "I have got to act"
- "I know I have been having doubts but I am starting to overcome them"
- "Its a test of my will. I have got to overcome this addiction"
- "If I do not act the decision will be made for me"

WHY ARE THESE KEY WORDS LINKED TO THIS SYMBOL? - "bold" (Bold people make decisions and those who delay do not)
- "action needed" (a decision in a dream may suggest you have sen that action needs to be taken - a decision has been forced upon you)
- "doubts" (If we act in a dream it may link to you overcoming doubts and your ready to move forward)
- "forceful" (deciding to do something in a dream can suggest that you are in a bold and forceful mood)
- "decisive" (decisiveness is often quite an emotional thing - so we may play out a new decisive mood in dreams by being forceful and bold)
- "decision taken out of your hands" (A decision in dream may link to your ability to make a decision. Perhaps you fear the decision will be taken out of your hands. If you do not act right now others will make the decision for you)
- "overcome phobia" (Often if we decide to do something then it can be linked to phobic behaviour. So if a dream makes a big deal about a decision then it may relate to a real life decision to confront this phobic behaviour.)- "overcome addiction" (if you make a conscious effort to stop smoking in real life then you may end up with a very decisive dream where you are acting boldly. )

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Are you in a bold forceful mood and cannot wait for the morning to get stuck into something?
- Have you just realised that action needs to be taken?
- Are you trying to overcome some phobia or addiction? Is this testing the strength of your will?
- Are you annoyed that others have acted without consulting you?


Example dream : Feeling as if you are unfit to make your own decision symbolised the dreamers frustrations as she was told she would have to move out because her two room mates were moving. She felt the decision had been taken out of her hands.
Example dream : Deciding my to kill stranger in a dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about her ex boyfriend. She had been talking about the break up the day before and the decision to kill the stranger symbolised her firm belief that the relationship was going nowhere and she had to act (the break up was something that she had initiated).
Example dream : Deciding to text her boyfriend one last time was symbolic of her decision to end to the relationship. She had been having continual doubts about him because his behaviour was inconsistent. Eventually those doubts built up to such a level that she was starting to think about ending the relationship.
Example dream : Deciding that a rottweiler has to be poisoned before it gets to big was linked to the dreamers decision to end a friendship because she knew this friend would clash with her husband (her friend was a Christian fundamentalist). Deciding in the dream symbolised this realisation that action had to be taken.
Example dream : Deciding to eat a crocodile symbolised the dreamers decision to be more forceful with someone. This decisive action was very atypical of the dreamer. The dreams meaning included this theme of "being more forceful" and captured this wider feeling "I will go and tell her what I think. I know I am normally really timid but today I feel very forceful and I will go and tell her and will not care about the consequences."
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was mixing with important policy makers. In real life he had been ill for some time but just recently he had shown signs of recovering his true intellectual and creative talents. The dream showed him sensing a new decisive mood within himself.
Example dream : Deciding to do something difficult rather than easy linked the dreamers decision to challenge herself and take more risks. She decided to tell a man her feelings for him. Deciding in the dream linked to this decision to be bold in real life.
Example dream : Deciding her purse was safe in the hands of others was linked to some doubts the dreamer was having about moving in with her boyfriend and depending on him financially. Deciding in a dream was symbolic of her overcoming these doubts and feeling more relaxed about moving.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is stood on the edge of a precipice and has to decide if he should stay there and face disaster or step backwards. This linked to a friends suicidal thoughts and the choices (either or) which he had available. His friend was trying to stay on course but the pressure was making him suicidal.
Example dream : Deciding to use a phone was linked to the dreamers extreme phobia of using phones. By deciding to use the phone he was overcoming his phobia of using phones. Practising this in a dream was the first stage of overcoming his phobia - he was picturing in his mind what he needed to do.

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