Dreaming about someone who is deceased could link to some thoughts about your ancestry. have you been thinking about your family tree or distant relatives in some way? If yes then its likely that this is linked to the dream.

Dreaming of a dead relative could be your minds way of saying that a phase in your life in now over. Perhaps you have to accept that things have changed.

Dreaming of the dead can be symbolic of your worries about death. Perhaps you have someone who is ill and could soon die?

In a similar way dreaming of the dead may just be about some thoughts concerning death. You have maybe en thinking about death? Perhaps someone has just died.


Example dream : A dream with the dreamers deceased mother in linked to the dreamers nephew very near to death. A deceased person may appear in a dream because of the possibility or fear of death - in this case the dreamers nephew.
Example dream : A dead relative symbolised the dreamers thoughts about her Jewish ancestry. She was half Jewish and at sometime her grandmother had converted.
Example dream : A conversation with a deceased neighbour symbolised the dreamers relationship with a woman. He had been very natural and relaxed but recently he had become awkward and nervous. The man in the dream was dead symbolising that this phase was now over was in the past.
Example dream : A dream featuring the dreamers recently deceased mother linked to how her death had brought the dreamer and his sister together (they had not really got along).
Example dream : A deceased grandmother appeared in a dream because the dreamer was thinking about a friend who would soon leave her life (probably for good as her friend was getting married). So the deceased relative was a symbol for the loss of a friendship as they were growing apart.
Example dream : A deceased relative in a dream linked to a fear that another relative may soon die of ill health.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers deceased mother linked to the dreamers general mood. The dreamer was happy and working steadily and perhaps this allowed her to think and dream about her mother.
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers deceased mother took place at a time when the dreamer was very sad and depressed. If ever there was a time when she needed the support of her mother it was now. The dream catches this feeling "If my mother was alive I would be talking with her about my troubles."
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers deceased mother took place after she sent her sister money to help commemorate the one year anniversary. The dream symbolised the love the dreamer still had for her deceased mother.
Example dream : A dream which included the dreamers deceased Aunt was highly spiritual and had a feeling of healing. The dream was symbolic of her acceptance of her Aunts death and closure.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer is trying to save her mom and uncle, both of whom are deceased. In real life the dreamer was homeless. Trying to save someone during an earthquake was a symbol of her trying to cope with this major crisis. It revealed that she is a caring person trying to make sure that everyone is OK. But the people she is trying to save are dead. This has a special symbolism. It hints at thoughts like "I wanting to be the caring person making sure everyone is OK but I am homeless. Everything is gone. My role is dead."
Example dream : Hearing the voice of her own deceased mothers voice was thought to be a premonition of the dreamers own husband dying shortly afterwards.
Example dream : A dream of a deceased mother was about the dreamers brother dying

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