Think of the wider sages of death as metaphors e.g. "the death of childhood", the comedian who "dies on stage" or "in my heart I died that night" Death in dreams can often be a symbol for death (but that need not be so frightening). It may just show that you fear someone might die (if they are ill). It will not mean that they will die - just that you fear that they might die. Death dreams may occur after you narrowly escaped death in a car accident (especially the day before). All the dream means is that you recognised that 'I could have died' or that 'She could have died'.

Death is also a symbol of those feeling down or lacking health. It could be that the passion you once had is now gone. It could simply mean that you are depressed and feeling uninspired.

Death in dreams can also be symbols of relationships which have died. A dead dog can often be a symbol of a relationship which has now ended or which you fear may end. It maybe that you have been regretting this.

Death of a loved one may simply show how much they mean to you. If your dream takes you to a place where they have died then it could be your way of realising how important they are to you. If people have did then we remember all the good things about them so it could be your minds way of trying to concentrate on how much we like a person instead of concentrating on the negative things about them.

Death can also be a symbol of failure. We speak of a comedian who 'died' on stage. So if you completely failed in some way yesterday then that's probably caused the dream. The dream merely recognises that lack of ability and with it the loss of confidence.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- Did you realise just how death was a possibility in some way yesterday?
- Does the dream feature people? If yes then has your relationship changed or altered or simply died out recently?
- Did the dream make you feel just how important someone is to you? If yes then maybe the dream simply is drawing attention to how important they are?
- What skills can you not do any more?
- What important changes and transitions are there in your life right now?

KEY WORDS :Eerie feeling, real life death and dying, ending, transition, change, inability, deadly diseases, loss, end of an era, failure, replaced, appreciating someone more(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the new thoughts and feelings you have been clarifying in your mind) :
- "I felt this EERIE yesterday when... "
- "he could really die" - "I could have died"
- "it has ended"
- "This FRIENDSHIP HAS DIED" - "That place is no longer a part of my life"
- "I cannot do that any more"
- "Seeing him die in the dream has made me realise just how important he is to me - I would really miss him"


Example dream : Thoughts of death in a dream were triggered by the dreamers real fears about a deadly bird flu which had just been in the news and the dreamers fear that millions could die.
Example dream : Worries that people might die represented something that had made her think the previous day. She had just attended a funeral and whilst there she looked round at the wild lifestyles that people were leading. She worried that everyone there would end up just as dead as the man whose funeral she was attending. Death then was a literal symbol linked to her fears about death and in particular thoughts about unhealthy lifestyles.
Example dream : Death symbolised this new phase to the relationship as the dreamer and his ex both ignored each other. In this case we can translate "death" into a word like "end" and we easily see how it relates to real life as the dreamer felt "I am realising that my relationship with her is over. There is no going back now." Basically the dream was using the simple metaphor "the relationship has died."
Example dream : Dreaming of his children dying was symbolic of the dreamers lack of real relationship with them. He was working late every day and very rarely saw them. The dream of their death was symbolic of his fears that his relationship with his children was dying. The dream caused him to spend some quality time with them at the first opportunity. The dream ccaught this exact feeling "Thinking about my children dying makes me want to spend time with them. It makes me realise how important they are to me. I make a special effort".
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was thinking that a woman doesn't know that she is going to die. In real life the dreamer had been thinking about a person who he had been trying to avoid who didn't seem to realise that the friendship was over. Death has an obvious symbolic relevance here. We often use a phrase like "the friendship is over. It is dead!" Death often links by association with an ending because death is so complete. The dream seems to hint at thoughts like "I keep ignoring her but she doesn't seem to realise that the friendship is over! Its ended! Its dead!"
Example dream : The face of Death represented feelings about a relationship. The dreamer had been trying to get back together with his girlfriend but now felt as if all was lost - it was over. So the symbolic meaning of "death" linked into the words "the end" and "all is lost" and "defeat" all of which are associated feelings with death. So the dreams meaning was simple as the dreamer felt "It's all over" as far as a friendship was concerned.
Example dream : Death from falling from a bridge symbolised the dreamers failure to take advantage of opportunities. His chances of succeeding had died (ending in ultimate failure like in the dream). So see how we can translate the dream into day to day language. The "death" can translate into the word "failure" and the dreams meaning links to a way in which the dreamer was using that word
Example dream : An eerie voice mentioning death symbolised the dreamers realisation that a work project was nearly over. He quite enjoyed working flat out on a project and so part of him was feeling sad. Death often symbolised the end of something - in this case the project. It represented the end of one phase and the start of a new one.
Example dream : Dying in a dream was linked to the dreamer thinking about increasing health problems. These were now getting so bad that he felt that his life was never going to to be the same.
Example dream : A dream about a man who is in danger of falling to his death took place at a time when the dreamer was worrying about her son, who was taking drugs and mixing with the wrong type of people. The danger in the dream was a symbol for his dangerous lifestyle.
Example dream : The death of a king symbolised a major change which loomed in the dreamers life. His old life of independence and self reliance was now to be replaced by illness and possible local authority care. The death was symbolic of the end of an era in the dreamers life.
Example dream : One dreamer had a dream about his Aunt which prompted him to go and visit her for the first time in years. She died just 2 days later. The dreamer took this to be a premonition of her death.
Example dream : A dream of death symbolised the end of an special friendship.
Example dream : A sentence to death symbolised the dreamers complete unhappiness with his stockbroker. He was thinking about changing the night before.
Example dream : A dream talking to those who had died in Hurricane Katrina linked to the dreamer watching TV news reports of the Hurricane the night before. This really shook the dreamer. She might not have known these people but they were Americans just like her - it all made it so real. Death then was just a symbol for some thoughts about the people who had just died in this disaster.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer says that 'there has never been any deaths linked to the dreamers thoughts about the care home she worked in. It had always had a happy atmosphere but just recently a resident had become seriously ill and was suffering in the most awful way. He could very easily die - the dreamer was preparing herself for this eventuality.
Example dream : Death of lots of people symbolised the dreamers inability to be around people
Example dream : A dream where a friend dies was linked to the dreamers worry that his friendship with that person had been allowed to die. They had not seen each other for a long time.
Example dream : Reoccurring nightmares of his mother dying were linked to the dreamer being three years old. His mother had just walked out on the family without a word to live with another man. These dreams symbolised the dreamers loss of his mother. A three year old will tend to exaggerate matters so her disappearance would have been especially difficult to deal with
Example dream : A dream of death symbolised the dreamers life feeling empty now that he had split up with his girlfriend.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamer dies linked to her thinking about her relationship. She was scared of doing something because she feared the consequences - she was worried that things would backfire. Dying was symbolic of things going totally wrong.
Example dream : A death dream was linked to the dreamer thinking over his relationship with a girl. If he did not see her in the holidays then their relationship was as good as over. In practice the relationship would have already died.
Example dream : A dream where a puppy dies was linked to the dreamers relationship with her boyfriend. He was moving to another state with his parents and effectively the relationship would be over.
Example dream : A dream where death stands over her was linked to college finishing and her thinking about her relationship with her boyfriend. A long distance relationship was not possible so she was having to come to terms with the relationship ending. Death symbolised the end of the relationship.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers mother dies in an accident was linked to the dreamers mother been mean to her recently. Her mother dying simply meant that she wanted to resist her mother or that she wanted her to leave her alone.
Example dream : A cemetery dream linked to the dreamer knowing that he needed to sort out some health problems or he would be dead.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers mother died was thought to be a premonition of her grandmother being diagnosed with cancer. after the dream the dreamer phoned her mother up to be told that her grandmother had got cancer. The death was symbolic of the possibility of her grandmother dying of cancer.
Example dream : A cemetery dream linked to the dreamer realising that his favourite reality show had just ended. He had been watching this every day for two weeks. Now he had to fill in the void. Death symbolised the end of this TV show.
Example dream : A death dream linked to the dreamer fearing for her job. Death represented the fear that something bad would happen - she might lose her job.
Example dream : A death of a president dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about a new manager at work. This was symbolic of the old system being replaced.
Example dream : A dream where a horse is being put down linked to the dreamers life changing. He was trying to live life at a slower pace. Putting down the horse was symbolic of his old hedonistic lifestyle ending. He was now in a new phase in his life.
Example dream : A death of a grandfather dream linked to the dreamer having just recovered from illness. The grandfather was symbolic of him feeling ill (old and tired like his granddad). His grandfather dying was symbolic of this old phase being replaced by a new phase.
Example dream : A death dream linked to the dreamer watching home videos the previous day. This made him feel depressed - thinking about all the things that he could no longer do. The death was symbolic of his old life ending and him being in a new phase.
Example dream : A dream of a piglet dying dream linked to the dreamer doing too many things at once and then ending up exhausted and unable to do anything. Death symbolised the inability to do things (this was a part of him that had died).
Example dream : Death in dream linked to the dreamer thinking over an idea he had proposed at work. He was thinking that if he could adapt the idea then it may not be ditched. Death was symbolic of the idea being rejected.
Example dream : A grandfather dying dream linked to the dreamer waking up and worrying about his grandfather. By thinking that he would die he thought deeply about his grandfather. He learned to appreciate him more thinking that he could soon die.

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