Death in dreams can often be a symbol for death (but that need not be so frightening). It may just show that you fear someone might die (if they are ill). It will not mean that they will die - just that you fear that they might die. Death dreams may occur after you narrowly escaped death in a car accident (especially the day before). All the dream means is that you recognised that 'I could have died' or that 'She could have died'.

Death is also a symbol of those feeling down or lacking health. It could be that the passion you once had is now gone. It could simply mean that you are depressed and feeling uninspired.

Death in dreams can also be symbols of relationships which have died. A dead dog can often be a symbol of a relationship which has now ended or which you fear may end. It maybe that you have been regretting this.

Death of a loved one may simply show how much they mean to you. If your dream takes you to a place where they have died then it could be your way of realising how important they are to you. If people have did then we remember all the good things about them so it could be your minds way of trying to concentrate on how much we like a person instead of concentrating on the negative things about them.

KEY WORDS :Eerie feeling, real life death and dying, ending, transition, change, inability, deadly diseases, loss, end of an era, failure, replaced, appreciating someone more(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words appear in those quotes)

KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the new thoughts and feelings you have been clarifying in your mind) :
- "I felt this EERIE yesterday when... "
- "he could really die" - "I could have died"
- "it has ended"
- "This FRIENDSHIP HAS DIED" - "That place is no longer a part of my life"
- "I cannot do that any more"
- "Seeing him die in the dream has made me realise just how important he is to me - I would really miss him"


Example dream : A dream of dead bodies rising the surface took place the night after the dreamer heard from his best friend from school after not seeing him for many years. He was nervous about seeing this friend as so many years had passed. The "dead bodies" seem to be a symbol for this friendship which had seemed to be deep in the past. Death in dreams can symbolise something which has ended or which is about to end. Indeed we use phrases which use these types of metaphor such as "he is dead to me". If you never see someone for many years then they may as well be dead. The relationship has died. The dead bodies rising mirrors this feeling "my best friend from school may be coming back into my life."
Example dream : A dream about her best friends mother dying symbolised the dreamers worry the day before. Her best friend had chest pains and she wanted to force him to go to the doctors but couldn't. She would have found it difficult to cope if anything had happened - her friend could have died!
Example dream : The dreamers ex dying in a dream symbolised his wish to stay friends with her. He was missing her and now they had split up he desperately wanted to remain friends.
Example dream : A 'dead' snake (which was not actually dead)symbolised the dreamers hope that she would not have a cheating boyfriend. Her previous boyfriend had cheated and she hoped that was now gone and over for good.
Example dream : A dead bird dream took place the day after the dreamer had bumped into an old girlfriend. He realised it was over and she was now accepting the situation. (The dead bird stood for the death of the relationship)
Example dream : Her dog died dream symbolised the dreamers mixed feelings as she got an email from her ex. She wanted to help him. Death symbolised the end of the relationship. Its difficult to help an ex as the relationship is technically over.
Example dream : A dead horse symbolised the dreamers husband. He had just given her a romantic meal but soon would be gone working away for a month.
Example dream : A dead tree was a symbol for the dreamers thoughts about her mother(who had emotionally abused her as a child and had just rejected attempts for them to get together. The dead tree expressed her feeling that her mother was as good as dead to her.
Example dream : Pretending to be dead symbolised the dreamers argument with her ex the night before. It symbolised her total submission and inability to handle this bitter argument. She had had enough of the fight and wanted to get out of it.
Example dream : Seeing dead birds and kittens linked to the dreamers son being involved in a very volatile relationship. The dead creatures were symbols of the victims of her volatile moods.
Example dream : A snake which is dead symbolised the dreamers belief that problems which had been making a relationship very difficult were in the past. He hoped to clear the air which would allow them to become proper friends.
Example dream : Trying to kill a scorpion near her son symbolised the dreamers wish to protect her son. This is a constant problem for a mother with a two year old child.
Example dream : A bird which is attacked continually and finally died symbolised the dreamers brother who was in his last stages of cancer. The bird and the dreamers brother had both slowly been worn down (the brother by his illness and the bird by the attacks).
Example dream : A dream with a dead body took place at a time when the dreamer was feeling very emotional and sad. He was regretting things that he had done in a relationship. The dead body was symbolic of this feeling of "loss" that a friendship had ended. We can pinpoints the dreams meaning to this exact feeling "I have messed things up and now I regret making mistakes. The friendship is now over." So we can even translate the exact meaning of "death" into "a friendship ended." Death is linked by association as it links with words like "ended", "over", "completed" and "end of an era."
Example dream : A half dead horse symbolised a friend of the dreamer (she had been thinking about him). Recently he seemed to have lost hope and his spirit seemed to be broken.
Example dream : Dead people in a dream linked to the dreamers deeply missing a friend (if you do not see someone then they may as well be dead).
Example dream : A dream about the dreamers goldfish dying seems to be linked to her actual worries about her pet goldfish. She used to have three goldfish and two died. She was highly attached to them and now feared that her last remaining goldfish might die.
Example dream : A dead dog symbolised the end of the dreamers relationship with her boyfriend.
Example dream : Dead fish symbolised the dreamers stagnant mood as she became depressed

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