Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a feeling of "dark" in a dream may simply capture your feeling that "My friend was in a very pessimistic mood yesterday" and so the darkness may translate into the word "pessimistic".

WHY ARE THESE KEY WORDS LINKED TO THIS SYMBOL? - "unhappy" (we have dark moods)
- "expect the worst" (You are looking on the dark side)
- "pessimistic" ()
- "ignorant" (you are in the dark)
- "not accepted/misunderstood" (light equals happy and comfortable whilst dark suggests discomfort of all kinds)
- "bad/evil" (light equals good and honest whilst dark is deceptive and bad)
- "suspicions" (You think you are been kept in the dark)
- "a secret" (keeping something hidden and out of sight)
- "suffering" (darkness means unhappiness and even suffering)
- "not known" (you are in the dark)
- "feeling out of place" ()
- "worries" (you are in the dark)
- "not making sense" (light symbolises knowledge and darkness can suggest you do not understand something properly)
- "unseen" (you are metaphorically in the dark)
- "eye problems" (you simply cannot see something or have eye problems. Blind people just see darkness)

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
- When you think of the word desperation think what comes to mind?
- Was something much more of a problem than you thought yesterday? Had you been complacent and now realise your mistake?
- What have you been struggling with?
- Do you suffer from some terrible illness which you are trying to overcome?

Now try to see how words in this list feature in your thoughts. Think of the things that you write down in a diary or tell a friend. Its likely that dreams translate into conscious thoughts that you are all too aware of - nowadays not many people believe in the unconscious mind. If any of the thoughts that you have seem to feature words on the list then its likely that the dream could link to that thought - it may even portray that exact thought process. So if you have been feeling that "This project has been a major struggle" then obviously the desperation in the dream will have recognised the extent of this struggle.

Darkness in dreams can have several meanings. Its main meaning is linked with evil. It could be that you are thinking of someone that is deceptive and dishonest. You could even be recognising your own dishonesty and you are feeling guilt. Darkness also symbolises ignorance and things which you have not understood properly (for instance someone may have done something which you really did not understand). So if you have been completely confused by something then that may have caused your dream.


Example dream : A dream of a dark cemetery took place the day after the dreamer had bumped into a friend whom the dreamer had fallen out with. The "dark" cemetery was probably a symbol of the unhappy memories that this brought up.
Example dream : A dream with a grey and dark building was linked to the dreamer starting at a university where she felt her religious beliefs where not understood. The dark and grey building represented this unwelcoming atmosphere which did not accept her belief system.
Example dream : A dark dream about a waiter linked to a very bizarre comment that a waiter had made just the day before. The darkness probably symbolised the total lack of sense which the comments made. She was "in the dark" as to what he meant by his comments.
Example dream : Darkness simply represented her tendency to look on the dark side - dwelling on insecurities about her boyfriend. She always expected the worst. The darkness hinted at her unhappiness and also her lack of trust in her boyfriend.
Example dream : Darkness in a dream linked to the dreamer feeling pressured by her father to wear the right clothes. Darkness was linked to associated words such as "trapped" and "unhappy". These words featured in the following context within the dreamers feelings "I am so unhappy as my father is forcing me not to wear shorter skirts. I feel watched now that my three brothers have just left home. Now he will concentrate all his attentions on me. I will have no freedom."
Example dream : A dream about a dark grave was linked to the dreamers mood swing as he woke up feeling very happy and elated. The "dark" in the dream could be translated into the word "unhappy" and this featured in his real life thoughts in the following context "It's time to be happy. I am in a really good mood right now. I will sweep away that former unhappiness." Actually the dreamer was not particularly unhappy before but we use metaphors and this dream uses "darkness" as a contrast.
Example dream : A dream about a dark graveyard took place as the dreamer woke up with massive feelings of joy. The dark graveyard was an unusual symbol in this case and is difficult to analyze. Overall the dream captured the dreamers overwhelming feelings of joy on waking. The dark symbols like the graveyard helped emphasise these good feelings. The graveyard was a symbol of contrast and tapped into feelings like the happiest moods follow on from dark moods.
Example dream : A dark scary place represented a club that the dreamer wanted to visit but felt out of place in
Example dream : Visiting a place that feels dark and unhappy (yet it is daytime) linked to the dreamers bad experiences there. She had been badly traumatised in college.
Example dream : A dream of the dark was a symbol for the dreamers fear of losing his eyesight. (obviously the dark mimics blindness as you cannot see in the dark).
Example dream : A dark forest was a symbol for the dreamer keeping her boyfriend in the dark - she woke up realising that she should cut off contact with another guy she was in danger of cheating with .
Example dream : Dark clouds in a dream linked to the dreamers worries about her family (made worse by her moving away).
Example dream : Dark shadows symbolised the dark and unpleasant side of the stockbroking trade. The dreamer was deeply unhappy with his stockbroker. The shadows represented his suspicions.
Example dream : A 'dark' dream linked to the dreamer thinking about a resident at a care home where she worked who had become seriously ill and was suffering constantly.
Example dream : Darkness in a dream linked to the dreamers growing unhappiness.
Example dream : Dark in a dream linked to the dreamers mental health problems. Just recently he had become very socially isolated. The darkness in the dream symbolised the fact that noone knew about this illness (it was unseen)- it was getting worse and the dreamer was unable to gain the courage to tell people.
Example dream : Snow falling in the dark in a dream was linked to the dreamer being very depressed. He had just seen his ex the previous day and was realising that he would bump into her frequently from now on. This made him depressed. Dark and cold wheather can be linked by association with "unhappiness" and "bleak future." We even uses phrases which use this exact metaphor such as "there are dark days ahead."
Example dream : A dark dream with ugly mutants took place whilst the dreamer was very depressed as the victim of a ruthless bully.

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