Danger in dreams could suggest that you have been worn down by life generally? Are you suffering from depression? Have you been thinking about something that has been causing you real tension?

Danger can suggest that you are feeling nervous about something. You maybe phobic in some way. Or maybe you just feel very awkward about something - maybe being treated badly by men has left you worried about starting new relationships? Are you very phobic generally and paranoid for no good reason?

Alternatively you maybe worried about the consequences of something. Perhaps you do not want to provoke people.

Danger could also have a simpler meaning. You have maybe just done something which was very risky? Perhaps you like the excitement but fear the consequences of something going wrong?

KEY WORDS :provocative, tension, expecting the worst, distrust, paranoiac, phobias, reacting badly, blunt, depression, a confused and vulnerable person,"the darker side", coping with traumas(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words appear in those quotes)


Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was thinking how he might have to venture into dangerous and risky places after an apocalypse. In real life he had been thinking the night before what might happen if his father died in an upcoming operation. He visited his father on a daily basis and suffered from chronic problems with confidence. If his father died he would have to find new friends and places to go. So the night before his mind was focused on how his life would become much more difficult and he would have to meet new people. Overall he would have to take much more risks as his life with his father was very safe and settled.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamer was in extreme danger. This was a symbol for him having to complete something very quickly or he would be in "deep trouble".
Example dream : A swimming pool where dangerous things take place linked to the dreamer telling her ex just what she thought of him. The danger symbolised the blunt way in which she spoke to her ex. What she wrote was controversial and could provoke a response. The symbolic meaning of danger could be translated into the words "provoking someone" and overall the dream caught this thought process "I was writing a message to my ex last night. I feel proud of myself for saying what I thought. But I did delete some paragraphs because I did not want to be controversial and provoke a response. I just wanted to make my point and stand up for myself."
Example dream : A parachute not opening dream linked to the dreamer being a skydiver. In the dream he expects to die but then learns to fly. The dream is an emotional dream showing how he gets a buzz out of danger.
Example dream : In one dream the dreamers grandmother does something dangerous, she drives a car or truck when she is clearly too old at 100 years old. This theme was relevant in the dreamers life as the next day the dreamer feared that his friend would do something dangerous the next day. His friend was going to be undergoing cancer treatment for the first time and would probably be very confused and dazed afterwards. His friend was borderline autistic and the dreamer feared he would be a bad patient. The dream seems to link to this thought "He will be very ill and confused tomorrow after the treatment. He will try to do something that he cannot do. I know what he is like, he is borderline autistic and will be a very difficult patient."
Example dream : Danger in one dream symbolised her father who may react badly to her meeting some relatives. Danger reflected the belief that this could cause problems - she was worried that her father would not accept these new additions to the family. She had never met these new relatives and was also worried that she might not like them.
Example dream : A need to escape danger represented the dreamers worries about tension at work. He was getting worn down by this.
Example dream : A need to escape danger from sharks symbolised the dreamers worries about dating. She had previously had a hard time and felt nervous about starting any new relationships. She was distrusting all men and expected the worst from them.
Example dream : A dream about a really stormy and dangerous waves took place just as the dreamer had found out that she was pregnant. The dangerous seas and high waves were symbolic of her need to be more aware of danger and look after herself at all times whilst was pregnant.
Example dream : The danger in the dream represented danger in real life as the dream was engaging in homosexual activity for the first time. This was a risky new world which involved more than a little excitement. The dream caught this combination of feelings. So danger in the dream linked to him thinking about the darker side of homosexuality and the prejudices against it.
Example dream : Dangerous rocks in a dream were symbolic of the dreamers alcohol problems. He was starting to realise that he was in immediate danger unless he stopped drinking.
Example dream : A dream about a man who is in danger standing on the top of a tall building took place at a time when the dreamer was worrying about her son, who was taking drugs and mixing with the wrong type of people. The danger in the dream was a symbol for his dangerous lifestyle.
Example dream : A dream of avoiding danger represented the dreamers wish to escape depression.
Example dream : The dreamer was very paranoiac at the time and the danger represented how she saw danger were it did not exist
Example dream : One dreamer was suffering from PTSD. She had a recurring dream about snakes where she ends up screaming because her husband is in danger. This seems to be linked to her trauma. If you have been traumatised then the same fears go round and round your mind and you cannot make sense of them. So a scary reoccuring dream seems linked to the trauma.
Example dream : The dreamer was confronting his own phobias. The danger in the dream from deliberately handling snakes represented his ability to cope with situations which caused him fear.

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